shakeit like a polaroid picture

fun!, originally uploaded by Hillary Lang.

iphoners, go quick and get the shakeit app. too fun!
(via miss superfun herself, sarah.)

okay, our internet is back up and running smoothly! it just sort of fixed itself on thursday. they said it was a neighborhood wide problem. I had many many cable people emailing and calling, trying to help me out after I blogged/twittered about our troubles. so next time I guess I skip sitting on the phone for an hour with a customer service rep who doesn't know squat? interesting, and completely trasnparent, pr move they've got there, commenting on blogs and twitter that they're right there to help you out. how about just answering the 1-800 number competently? maybe spend less time trolling the blogs and talk to the people who are contacting you directly?

anyway, back up and running and will start up with blogging everyday on monday. happy rest of the weekend :)

7 thoughts on “shakeit like a polaroid picture

  1. marielle says:

    You know, I had an inkling of the theory you were testing when you last posted and I do agree with you. It seems many companys (I’ve read at least three in the last month) who have responded to high profile bloggers who are fed up with lack of response and have twittered or blogged. It sucks because I have one company on my hit list but with my little bog I’d get an angry mob of 20 at best LOL.

  2. lisa says:

    It’s so strange for me to see the blanket, because that is the same fabric for MY baby blanket. I still have it (and use it) but the colors are no were near that bright. In fact, it was kind of a surprise to see what my blanket must have originally looked like.

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