look who is sitting next to each other

just plunked my new (old) orla kiely bag down on the table by my o.k. target mug. makes me so happy! I bought the bag on ebay about a month ago and oh how I love it. I justified it by saying I’ll never need another bag again and I might be right. I don’t think my love for it will ever waver.

also on the table, dmc floss colors for the cross stitch patterns. I’ll tell you what’s a good time. spending half an hour in the floss aisle at joanns while your 2 year old tears things apart and your 5 year old hollers at her for tearing things apart while you hunt and peck for matching floss colors. why don’t they have them all in a row? all the blues together, then all the greens, etc. there must be a reason they arrange/number them so haphazardly.

19 thoughts on “look who is sitting next to each other

  1. Stacey says:

    Oh I hear you. My almost 2 year old is obsessed with the floss at Joanns. What’s really great is when she stuffs them in her cracker-filled mouth and I have to hand them off to the cashier!

  2. Di says:

    I agree on the bag and the floss…….just think of them all in drawers one row behind another….how do you ever find the right colour. I am sure that the numbering relates to when the colours were introduced but then why don’t we have a number 1……I think it will forever be a mystery!

  3. Louise says:

    I love the new header! Oh! the two year olds…..mine is 21 months, too big to be safely strapped into the push chair as you peruse fabrics and the like!! Looking forward to the teen years….. just eye rolling and tutting and the occasional “what-ever” as you walk through the fabrics!

  4. jen says:

    i never thought to look for orla kiely stuff on ebay. hmmm…
    i’m completely overwhelmed by the dmc floss section at joann’s for that exact reason. i’m sure it has to do with their numbering and the order new colors come out; whenever they come up with new ones, they just plunk them at the end of the line in numerical order. just a theory. drives me crazy though.

  5. jessa says:

    I kind of assumed floss was organized like that because it keeps like colors apart, and I actually appreciate it. That way, people are less likely to put the floss in the bin next to the proper bin by mistake, because that bin has a completely different color in it. And if they do miss by a bin when they put the floss away, I will notice right away and not accidentally get a skein of floss that is very close to being the right color, but not quite. I don’t really know if that is why they do it, especially since there are some places with similar colors next to each other, but I like it this way for this reason. And, I probably thought about this way too much.

  6. Shannon says:

    Yes, why DO they do the floss that way? There must be some reason! And then there was the time I went to JoAnn’s to find the DMC stocker much have been on vacation, since half of the slots were empty, and all the others were filled with haphazard colors. Awful, since I was trying to match some thread I already had, but of course didn’t have the numbers for! I just gave up 🙂

  7. amanda says:

    I love Orla! I always search for them at least once a week on Ebay, just in case there’s a cheap one that needs a new home. Thankfully I’m still on diaper bag phase right now so no more Orla for a while.
    And I totally understand that Joann moment! I always bring M&M’s to bribe Abby so she would cooperate. Even with that, she always shops by herself. When we got to the cashiers, there’s sure to be fqs, threads, zippers, or something else that she picked up and put in my cart herself. Not to mention the crying baby in the cart, whew!

  8. Tink says:

    I had always figured it was the same reason they don’t alphabetize soup in the soup aisle.
    To keep you there longer looking around and encourage you to impulse buy.

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