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Back to my library books. As so often happens, a post over at doe-c-doe inspired a library/ebay search of a new-to-me childrens book illustrator. This time it was Adrienne Adams. Boy, do I love her work. I checked out every Adrienne Adams book the library had and there’s not one disappointment in there. My very favorite though has to be The Easter Egg Artists, about a family of bunny artists whose son Orson decides he wants to follow in the family business.

20 thoughts on “adrienne adams

  1. mandi says:

    i want that car!
    this is what i do – i find a fabulous children’s book artist, like the one above, and i look at the houses they create. they are then saved in my ‘dream house’ file. and when it is time to finally build said ‘dream house’ it will look like it came out of a story book. totally practical, i know.

  2. Gail says:

    Oh thank you Hillary for reminding me of that sweet story! I read this and went and dug out my copy of the Easter Egg Artist. It is mixed in with my children’s books now 🙂 I opened it and my sister had practiced writing her name inside the cover 😉 We LOVED our books as kids, sometimes a little too much.

  3. Kristi says:

    I had that book when I was a kid. I loved it and I forgot all about it until I saw your post. That’s another one I’ll have to add to my thrift shopping list.

  4. finger thumb says:

    OH lovely! I can’t get enough of good kids book illustration these days. Nothing like repeated reading of any given story (again, and again and again) to make you a connoisseur. And thanks for the link to doe-c-doe.

  5. Susiebelle says:

    Talk about blog land kismet. I perused over here from Pam Garrison’s site, and viola, read this post! I love Adrienne Adams too. My favorites-A Woggle of Witches, A Halloween Happening and Candy Floss. My son who is now 24 will still quote from Woggle every now and then!

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