21 thoughts on “wooly

  1. Barbara says:

    I hear you talking, grin, I may be 73 but I still remember having 5 of mine come down with the chicken pox at the same time, sigh! I wanted to run away from home, grin.
    Barb in western NC

  2. LizAnderson says:

    There truly is no justice in the world when a Momma can’t just be sick – and alone. They really need to start a company of Temporary Moms who can come in to cook, clean and care for families so they all can get on the mend when Momma’s down and out. Now there’s a Health Care Plan I can get behind!

  3. mamie says:

    oh, sick with kids had got to be one of the hardest things i have experienced. glad every one is on their way to health and wellness. that is the sweetest project, as an avid knitter, i must know…where does it come from? your awesome self?

  4. Terri Moran says:

    Love your cross-stitch. I haven’t done it in years(moved on to knitting),but I learned how to cross-stitch from an Amish woman in Pennsylvania and they have a neat trick you’ll love. When cross-stitching with two strands, just cut one long one and thread both cut ends through the needle,leaving a loop at the bottom end. Bring your needle up through the cloth and back down in the next hole going through the loop on the underside of the fabric. Your thread catches and there is no need to cross-stitch over the ends to secure them. You will now have half as many loose ends on the underside of your fabric,so the whole look is much neater!

  5. Aleta says:

    I can’t wait for you to finish designing a group of these. I love all your other stitchery patterns but I find cross stitch really easy to follow so more relaxing. I hope you will keep going with this and sell em’!

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