this year’s purple hat

it’s this pattern here, with a pom, knit in saphira yarn. I know it’s an adult pattern but I think my yarn wasn’t as bulky so it seems to have worked out okay. it’s sort of a slouchy beret thing on Phoebe instead of a more fitted hat like it’s supposed to be. I wish someone would write a knitting pattern book of all hat patterns for kids done in bulky yarns. that’s all I ever want to knit.

25 thoughts on “this year’s purple hat

  1. maggie says:

    but How Cute is That??? oh my. all slouchy and adorable, and plenty of room to grow! and i adore the tiny-flowers shirt too! (where can i get one for me?) what a combo…

  2. water works says:

    Great hat. I agree totally about needing a book for children. I have the just hats (I think that’s the title) by lion brand yarns. I followed a particular pattern adaption for children to make my daughter a winter hat. It looks more bucket than it’s supposed to and it’s way too big. But I followed the directions. That just irks me…to spend time on something we then can’t use. A kids’ sizes book. Oh please!

  3. Kari of Writing Up A Storm says:

    I love “this year’s purple hat” ~ it’s like a title to a children’s picture book and your sweet daughter looks so precious in her purple beret!
    I’m a retired teacher, and I’ve been reviewing some of my favorite children’s books this week, and I wondered if you or your readers might be interested in a particularly wonderful children’s picture book that has just recently been reissued.
    I did a post on it today, Come By Chance, by Australian author/artist Madeleine Winch. I think any child age 2 and up would really love it. My review is here today (9-10-09):
    It’s a beautiful fable about not leaving anyone out in the cold. If you have time, please do take a peek. xo Kari

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