Britannica’s Pre-School Library

Britannica's Pre-School Library

$3 each at the library book sale but I couldn’t resist. So many amazing illustrators… Joe Kaufman, J.P. Miller, Dagmar Wilson, June Goldsborough, Trina Schart and Art Seiden!

Here’s the first one, “Adventures with Color”.

Britannica's Pre-School Library

Britannica's Pre-School Library

25 thoughts on “Britannica’s Pre-School Library

  1. Sara says:

    Holy Carp! My Nanny had those books – I remember that orange/yellow fish! and that my thumb would just cover the color blobs.
    what a flashback – thanks 😉

  2. Claire says:

    Trina Schart Hyman is my all-time favorite. Her people are so real and still so graceful. The trolls in The Cabin on the Fjord (by Susan Meyers) are awesome.

  3. Kari of Writing Up A Storm says:

    These books look really wonderful ~ I will keep a lookout for them. Here’s another one you might want to find if you can. I reviewed it on my blog today. It’s called THE LAST TRAIN about a boy and girl who see “the last train” come thundering in on tracks that aren’t there anymore.
    It’s a children’s picture book that shows the power of the imagination to conjure up the past. xo Kari

  4. Shelley Laming says:

    Lucky find! I find the Color book from time to time when I’m thrifting. I had no idea there were so many other titles in the series. Hopefully one day I will luck out, too.

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