bend it!

I’ve been waiting waiting waiting for Amy Karol’s new book to come out and it’s finally here! Bend the Rules with Fabric!

I long ago determined that Amy knows everything. And at least once a day I wish I had Amy sitting in my craft room so I could ask her my many annoying questions… should I do it like this? how does that work? why in the heck won’t this turn out? Now I have her right here, in my hands, showing me all the coolio arty craft stuff I’ve always wanted to do. Fun cool stamping ideas, dying fabric, how to use that iron-on transfer stuff, how she does that free motion drawing with thread thing… actually I want to do every single thing in here. I guess she wrote this book just for me! Thanks Amy! Oh, alright, for all of us. But I’ll bet you have so many a-ha moments you’ll feel she wrote it just for you too.

Here is my first success, a most exciting success, screen printing with PhotoEZ, page 60. Screen printed kitty dolls, a very belated batch of thank you gifts. I find manufacturer’s instructions are often too detailed and tedious. Having Amy’s cut-to-the-chase advice and tips kept me on track where I would normally get overwhelmed and give up.

Bend the Rules with Fabric is really my kind of book, accessible, jump right in, adaptable. I have a long list of projects inspired by the techniques and supplies described in the book. As a person who wants to try everything, but just a little differently from the suggested, it’s a perfect book. Nice job Amy! Thanks for writing a book just for me. Now I will be needing that book on knitting kids hats with bulky yarn.. thanks 🙂

20 thoughts on “bend it!

  1. brandy says:

    “As a person who wants to try everything, but just a little differently from the suggested…”
    This is me too! I can never do anything by the directions given. Haven’t figured out why that is yet! I need to get this book. It’s in my cart on Amazon, just haven’t pushed the buy button yet. The kitty dolls are really great!

  2. amy k. says:

    oh thank you for the props!!
    and dang this pattern you designed turned out so cute!! beats the heck out of trying to print on fabric with the gocco, huh? nice job!!

  3. Angel Jem says:

    No, no no. I have no time and no money so no book this month. And it is too bad that you tempt me with it just as I had resolved to have a book-free month. You shouldn’t a done that.
    But I’ll forgive you.
    99 days til Christmas…. and I get to buy my own presents most years. Now, where’s Amazon when I need it…….

  4. amyville_in_az says:

    Great kitty pattern! And you have all my votes for the baby/kids hats out of bulky yarn… as we are expecting our first (Ella) in November, I have made a cupcake hat ala Amyville style (august 2nd post) and I am now designing a BULKY weight one that looks like a chocolate hosetess chocolate cupcake with the white swirls of icing…
    Keep on crafin’

  5. RobbieLee at Chickiedee says:

    After reading your post, I think I might need to buy this book as well! You did a great job screen printing too! Does the book provide images to screen print, or do you get to create you own? I apologize, but I don’t know what EZPhoto is. Thanks for sharing!

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