back to school

man, school really starts out with a bang doesn’t it! I am a blur of drop off/pick up, pta, orientation, open house, curriculum night, phonics, ice cream socials, peanut free snacks, soccer drills… and on top of it we’ve had some amazing cool crisp fall weather which has spurred on some massive cleaning & organization projects at the lang house. my craft room has never been so spotless. even the inside of my sewing machine is cleaned out. I have enticing stacks of new craft supplies on a beautiful clear clutter-free desk just beckoning to me. soon projects! soon! the pta is almost done with me.

a little back to school present from my mom, a pincushion plant. how perfect is that!

14 thoughts on “back to school

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    What a wonderful thought from your mum. My eldest is starting school next week and I am all wobbly at the thought of it, especially as my other son is starting preschool 2 weeks later – eek

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m living the same blur of starting-of-school activities. Not quite used to new rhythm of things and we overslept twice last week! The plant is very sweet never seen one before.

  3. Jenny Mitchell says:

    haha, you crack me up. ain’t it the damn truth. going back to school is a shock to the system. all the relaxing, schedule-free-ness of summer, and then bam! everything you just said. it’s insanity! we are on week 3 of school already and i am feeling like we are over scheduled, just in trying to have a teeny bit of down time afterschool (like, unwind, legos, snack, walk around the block time) followed by dinner, homework, violin practice, reading, bath, bed. WHEWWWW. man, i am whooped by the time 8:30 arrives!!!
    no wonder all i want to do is sit like a zombie and watch bad tv!!!
    nice that you’ve been so productive around the house though, high fives to that!

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