twirly skirts

I was going to start on this lined zip up jacket idea I have for Phoebe but I chickened out and made two quick twirly skirts instead. Hope they're the right length. I'm always sewing for Phoebe when she's napping and guessing at her measurements. Maybe I should write them down somewhere. That's a good idea, I should write that down somewhere.

11 thoughts on “twirly skirts

  1. leslie says:

    if they’re too short, she can always wear them with those tights/ leggings that are in style now… 🙂
    very cute skirts- can’t wait to ‘see’ them on her.

  2. Jennifer R. says:

    So cute! My 2 1/2 year old daughter would LOVE something like that. I’m assuming that you intend for them to be worn separately but they’d look great worn together with the pink underneath the beige. I have three questions…
    1. DId you use a pattern?
    2. Did you leave the edges raw?
    3. If the edges are raw, how do you keep them from fraying? Certain kinds of fabric? Fray check?

  3. Kim says:

    I just made a lazy days skirt for my girl and thought I measured the length correct. It’s fine at the front but her bum sticks out and makes the back shorter. I’ve started to write down measurements in a notebook now! I love the purple one.

  4. Jennifer R. says:

    The same thing happens to my daughter with her lazy days skirt! Have you found a way around that? It seems like the only option is to make the entire skirt longer but have you ever just made the back longer only?

  5. louise says:

    Never underestimate the power of the twirl. We (my girl and I) have many twirly skirts. The only thing that is better is a tutu, and we also have a few of those. Sadly I suspect a tutu would not really be so great on me, so only the 5 year old gets to wear those.

  6. LittleA says:

    Love skirts for toddler girls. SO handy for potty training, and they can usually put them on by themselves. I’m in the process of making a couple for my own little one.
    Yours are sweet!

  7. Jen says:

    I love the fabric! I made a twirly skirt too short for my daughter a while back. I just put a few straps on it and made it into a twirly halter. An idea just in case.

  8. Kristena says:

    I always sew during naptime too (And then I’m like, “Surprise! I made something for you that may or may not fit…”). These are so pretty! They make me want to chop up some of my old crepe skirts and make twirly skirts too! 🙂

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