sparkly cupcakes

Oscar and I finally got a chance to make some cupcakes with the "fun cups" we snuck in the cart when we bought Phoebe's heart pan. Now to find an excuse to use the gold glitter dust. We sure love that cake aisle at Michaels.

9 thoughts on “sparkly cupcakes

  1. Paige says:

    Very cute! Those cake/cupcake supplies are addicting, aren’t they? Go ahead and use a little of that gold glitter dust–kids loooovvvveee it!

  2. Lisa K says:

    Hillary? Do you know about the Wilton Tent Sale?! Oh, honey, you HAVE to go next year. They have cake and candy-making supplies galore, at deep discounts. It’s at the Wilton hq in Woodridge it’s just down I-355 from you.There are other housewares (kitchenwares, frames, etc.), too.

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