I did it!! I'd almost had it figured out on my own and then — thank you helpful reader for finding the manual online for me — the last piece of the puzzle, the tension, came together in the instructions and I serged! Oh how I love serging. I hope to get some more sergtastic action more this weekend. Serger. It's even a good word. Lots of sewing words are not good, but serge I like.

18 thoughts on “serged!

  1. Mary V says:

    Great job – You’re my hero! I purchased the 5 thread version last year without realizing how old it was … and no settings are automatic. Even with the manual, I’ve only got three stitches I can reliably set up. You have inspired me to attempt the next set of stitches.

  2. water works says:

    I am so impressed you changed thread colors! I tend to serge everything in white and only the special projects get a new color!!!! I just learned to do the rolled hem edge finish on my machine. I am addicted to napkin making. I made a dozen or so small ones for my kiddos lunch boxes. That’s me, eco mom!

  3. puglette says:

    good for you! i am so jealous. i have a serger and just looking at it terrifies me. a friend gave it to me, free of charge, brand new with all the instruction manuals. she got it with a brand new sewing machine and did not want it. my sister uses hers constantly but the beast frightens me!

  4. louise hatchard says:

    i had to google the word serge when i first started blogging – what are they talking about?! ah – overlocking as its known here in the antipodes. serge sounds like the sound it makes – onomatopoeia? so so satisfying!

  5. hayley says:

    This post and the previous one came at the perfect time! I bought a babylock from craigslist, but the seller lost the manual. (I hope the one I found online isn’t a scam??)
    I am equal parts giddy and terrified about this machine. I hope to conquer my fear and get on with some serger goodness– your posts and those darling skirts give me hope!

  6. Gretchen says:

    I got my serger on craigslist a couple of months ago and I freaking love it so much. Makes super quick work of jammies for my girls, shorts, skirts, and all manner of last minute wearables. I especially love the rolled edges! Now if only I could find a class to teach me more tricks and such for using it. I also can’t wait to start sewing stacks of cloth diapers.

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