I labeled another quilt last night. I tried to use fewer strands of floss so it'd be easier & less bulky to embroider and instead I didn't quite cover my marker. Oh well, it's labeled!  and dang, I really want to redo that binding.

O's not so much a baby anymore. Just got his kindergarten assignment letter this morning and now he wakes us up not by crying "I'm up" from his crib but rather by delivering envelopes full of little drawings to us in bed.


thanks for the nice comments on Phoebe's quilt yesterday. Feels so good to be back in the swing of things! What I can't seem to get the hang of are these new typepad comments. I can't figure out how to respond to a commenter via email and not on the blog. Am I mental?

18 thoughts on “labeling

  1. says:

    Love Oscars artwork!!! My gorgeous “little boy” is now 24 with a shaved head, tatoos and a pierced eyebrow …… and I still have his ‘little bunny foo foo’ that he made in kindy. Keep those gorgeous treasures, they warm your heart so much later on :o).
    Joy :o)

  2. Jan says:

    I scrolled down to leave a comment and have been startled to notice the cover of one of my very favorite books from childhood, The Surprise Doll. Ohmygosh…I loved that book! And haven’t thought of it in *ahem* many, many years.
    Phoebe’s quilt is darling and better than that, it’s finished, signed by mom and being used. Fabulous.
    (Haven’t tried the new Typepad platform yet. Are you saying there’s no option now to have comments forwarded as email? I think I’ll wait until you figure it out for me.)

  3. Annie says:

    You should be able to respond to a person’s email directly by just clicking on their email address next to where it says “So and so has left you a comment.” However, I sometimes get comments where there isn’t any email address there and I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe because the person didn’t enter one?
    I have no idea if that helps but you are welcome to practice on me if you want. I promise to check my email!

  4. domesticali says:

    You just hit on the reason why I haven’t enabled the new comments thingy – I think in many cases it’s impossible to reply by e-mail. And that was the main reason I moved to Typepad in the first place!
    Love Oscar’s pictures.

  5. Kristy says:

    I turned the new comments thing off on my blog for that very reason.I forgot and had a private convo with Manda that all showed up in the comments on my blog!

  6. Hillary Lang says:

    yeah, yours didn’t have an email address to click. when I click your name in the email notification it takes me to your typepad profile and it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to email you from there.

  7. Hillary Lang says:

    I know! Isn’t that book so great. The publisher, Purple House Press, is reissuing old books from the 40s-60s.
    The comment notifications are still emailed to you but where before you could hit reply and it went to the commenters email address now it posts the reply here on the blog. And it seems if people have a typepad profile set up that their email address doesn’t appear anywhere so you could add email back manually. I don’t know how much people like these threaded comments. I don’t really see that much back and forth in people’s comments section. I have to do more field work.

  8. Annie says:

    Hmmm… It seems like maybe you don’t get an email address from the person
    if they are signed in using their Typepad profile. Now that I think about
    it, I generally notice email addresses next to the names of people who
    aren’t Typepad bloggers butI don’t have an email address on this comment
    from you either just a link to your profile… I think that the problem is
    Typepad profiles!

  9. this little light says:

    Typepad is kind of driving me crazy too. I don’t like the profile thing. Sometimes when I login and comment on a blog, it points to my profile and sometimes to my blog. No rhyme or reason to it.

  10. mamie says:

    i cannot decided if i think phoebe’s quilt is more precious than his morning wake up letter….who i am kidding? they are equally wonderful. i love the simple quilt design. now i feel inspired to get a new quilt going.

  11. beth says:

    you quilts are inspirational, truly lovely and will be precious for decades to come I’m sure! And what a lovely wake up call Oscar gives you….not too early though I hope!

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