this hot thursday

oh free time, where did you go? I'm so anxious for things to get back to normal around here. I can't wait to actually have time to read blogs, and write my blog, and sew stuff. I received my fq's in the mail yesterday and was just innocently looking around for inspiration and have been sucked into two sites that have me wanting to chuck all my work and just sew, red pepper quilts and a stitch in dye. I can't even remember how to blog properly. if I want to put up pics of their amazing work on my blog I have to email them right? crap, no time. here's a bunch of links…

I want to make this! love the neutral background with pops of color thing. reminds me of Yoshiko Jinzenji's work which I love so much.

and check out these hexs with circle centers, love them.

and this half hexagon piecing. does that work?! guess so, look how awesome

love this inside out quilt! would that be cute for a baby quilt? something for them to fuss with?

and I love this triangle quilt, but I think maybe this is what I'm going to try with my fq's, pinwheels!

more craft daydreaming tomorrow.. I just got the cutest book in the mail.

11 thoughts on “this hot thursday

  1. Tiffany Harvey says:

    I don’t think most people mind you putting up their images when you are linking to their site & talking about how great they are. If someone has a link back to my site, I don’t even care if they hotlinked the image.

  2. Bradie says:

    Thanks for the blog links. It’s so much fun to find a new blog to read. Hope you find some time to play with our new Japanese book. It looks lovely!!

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