sit and spin

Finally made it out to some garage sales this weekend. First time all summer! Crazy. Just think of all the treasures we’ve missed out on.

22 thoughts on “sit and spin

  1. Heather says:

    We’ve been going to garage sales and my son (who is seven) has it in his head that he NEEDS a Sit n’ Spin. We ended up finding one, but it was too small and he was begging me to ask the owners if maybe they had a bigger one they would be willing to sell as well, haha.

  2. Hillary Lang says:

    oh that’s funny! I didn’t think oscar knew what we were buying but when we got home he went to town straight away. he said they had them at preschool. I wonder if they still make them.

  3. Jill B says:

    One of the coolest toys of all time! Right up there with Lite Brite (is that how it was spelled?). I also want one of those bouncy balls with the handle on it – does anyone remember the name of that?

  4. Rachel / cREaTe says:

    oh gosh that’s totally how i feel when i’m missing out on sales … because once you go & you see all your finds, you can’t imagine NOT GOING. actually the past 3 weeks i’ve [don’t tell anyone] started driving around on the ritzy part of town on their trash day. this monday … i was too late. i was BUMMED wondering about ALL I MISSED. 🙂 shhh…

  5. Nutmeg says:

    Oh! We just got one of those at a garage sale. My children ADORE it! I can’t figure out what happens that makes spinning around and around seem really icky to me as an adult LOL.

  6. says:

    Great toy! One of my kids could never pronounce it right and always called it a “Spit and Sin”! Love that!

  7. Paper Dolls for Boys says:

    If I focus on that feeling of wondering what treasures I’ve missed out on every weekend I skip yard sales, it will consume me!
    I always have to remind my boys that it’s called a “sit and spin” not STAND and spin!

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