sewing is still getting its butt kicked

Sewing did it’s best to catch up this weekend, and had it a fine showing — 3 projects cut out and one sewn up — but really gardening is still king around here. I can’t wait to share our big gardening project! Well, big for us.

Phoebe’s new dress in amh’s social climber from a pattern in this book.

28 thoughts on “sewing is still getting its butt kicked

  1. nancy heard says:

    what a beautiful dress!! thank you for the link to those fabrics…they just make me drool! and totally grab all the gardening time you can because all too soon it’ll be too hot to plant anything. at least that’s how i rationalize it. 😀

  2. ashley foret says:

    You have a beautiful blog. Darling kids, and adorable little creatures! I have two little ones, boys, 2 years and 9 months, and can’t wait for girls though, to sew some super cute clothes, I love to garden, and I have been making lovey’s ( teddy bears, ragdolls, soft creatures) since I was 14. Well, I just adore your blog and all your incredible creations. I love the sweet faces on your dolls.

  3. Hillary Lang says:

    agreed! it’s all I can do to not buy it all up wherever I find it. if you do a search on kimono quilt you can see some other beautiful nani iro that I used in a project. the rest I’ve been too chicken to cut into.

  4. Kara says:

    We’ve been gardening all weekend too – setting up window boxes on our balcony. Now I’m nervous that the pigeons are eating all my herbs, though!

  5. Denise Downs says:

    How are the projects in that pattern book? Are all the instructions in Japanese? I have almost purchased that book a zillion times, and the other one by the same company is amazing too. Just curious how difficult the garments are to make…

  6. VintagePleasure says:

    I still haven’t managed to cut into that fabric.I keep changing my mind about where and how I want it.I’m thinking it really will be vintage when I get around to it!
    Very cute dress and girl. x

  7. sue says:

    Phoebe looks delightful in her summery dress. It is autumn here with some lovely sunny days, and then cold blustery ones. It is nice to see someone enjoying their spring wardrobe. She is very cute!!

  8. BunnyBear says:

    Phoebe is adorable as usual. The dress is absolutely lovely. We did some planting here today. Nothing fancy, but I too have gotten no sewing done.

  9. UK lass in US says:

    Oh, sweet dress! I’ve just stocked up on some fabric to make some peasant tops for my daughter, but unluckily for her they won’t be as pretty as that: she gets practical busy fabrics which won’t show so much evidence of her rough and tumble lifestyle…

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