post holiday rambles.

Guess I can't keep pretending it's still the 3 day weekend. But how fun was that?! We had three unstructured days of parks, sprinklers, cooking, gardening, shopping for plants and laying around. I can tell we've been crazed and overbooked when sitting at the park watching the kids playing in the sand seems like a spa vacation.

I have many pics and things to show and tell but today I'm just too lazy. I got the cutest books for Phoebe for her birthday that I can't wait to share. And a bunch of gardening progress to document (and advice to beg for). Oh and thanks for the love for the printed dolls! I started going through them and sewing them up into puffy doll form. I think about 8 of them will make the cut and head over to the etsy shop. I'm working on the 2nd batch now, same design but modified a bit and new colors. Next I'd like to take a shot at the gal in my header. She'd make such a cute doll pillow gal for my sofa.

What else? I've got nothing. What's the gossip? Anything juicy happening in blog land? Any new fabric I have to have? What was the deal with that new Heather Ross selling out so fast. Where was I? How about tv/book land? We're in a lull, nothing exciting coming on the netflix. We've been through all of Buffy, Smallville, Kyle XY. All our regular shows ended and now bleak Summer reality tv is freaking me out. Flipping through channels we caught the premiere of Jon and Kate's new season, good grief. How's that for depressing tv. I need my teenage sci-fi fix. Or maybe it's time to start Battlestar Galactica over from the beginning. I'd much rather watch robots take over the world. Although with Summer upon us, our whole tv watching habit might just go out the window. It's getting awfully hard to get P & O to stick to 7:00 bedtime when it's basically still the middle of the day. I know, 7! Aren't I a mean mom.

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  1. Cara says:

    I’ve been reading the coverage of Jon & Kate with horrified fascination. So many harsh comments are directed towards the parents and TLC all over the place, and I keep thinking “can’t you just turn it off?” Without viewers, there is no show. Obviously, these people are watching and so the show goes on. (I never felt comfortable with the show, imagining what this will be like for the kids in ten years when half the world saw them potty training, so I don’t watch it.)

  2. Shelly says:

    I second Roswell and add Jericho. All the ones you listed are some of my favorite shows!
    We do 7:00 bedtime here too during the school year, I don’t know how easy it will be once school is out though…

  3. Amber Carrillo says:

    hmm – let’s see….Did you read Twilight? There’s a new vampire series coming this fall on CW too. Erin McMorris’s new fabric line looks super fun…as does Joel Dewberry’s. New Top Chef coming soon too – that’s the only tv I’m excited about this summer.

  4. meg says:

    My kids used to go to bed at seven too, but now they will not even settle down until 8, so it’s back and forth, back and forth from the couch to the kids room for what seems like forever every night. sucks. and no tv! being big and pregnant watching tv at night kind of became my occupation and we don’t even have cable. I did read a book last night (fancy that! a book!). Have you seen Freaks and Geeks? It’s perfect summertime fare. And yeah, heather ross just blew up. and at 17 bucks a yard. and I missed it too.

  5. Annie says:

    I think that the Heather Ross phenomenon is two fold:
    1. She and everything she makes/designs are super cool
    2. There is some kind of non-compete agreement that she signed when she sold her old company and because of that this is her last fabric collection for awhile so people are snapping it up.
    I love a lot of things, but I might love 7:00 bedtime the best.

  6. kari says:

    We got really into Prison Break and 24 on Netflix. I asked my sister what happens to TV when your kids start staying up late. She says now she sneaks it in when they’re at school. Bummer.

  7. Amber Carrillo says:

    Oh my gosh – that is hilarious! Just figured in case…..recently got my mom and sister hooked. I feel like a dealer or something :-)
    And yeah – the series is called Vampire Diaries…

  8. Emily says:

    So for tv – not scifi-y, but whimsical and otherworldly, I totally recommend Pushing Daisies. Pie + Kristen Chenoweth + Anna Friel’s wardrobe = awesome television.
    And oh man, you are so right about Jon & Kate. Just sad sad sad. Summer tv should not involve people’s lives falling apart.

  9. Tia Webb says:

    7pm is bedtime in our house too! It’s NOT mean it’s called “mummy needs time to herself before she looses her marbles”
    We’re struggling with it to, however, blackout linings are wonderful things!!

  10. Susan says:

    I would second Friday Night Lights. Netflix has it on instant play. It is so good. The Tudors is great too. I know this is not Sci Fi but it’s still pretty good. Try the Fringe. It’s a new series on Fox.

  11. Beth G. says:

    The Heather Ross fabric selling fast was not only because it was beautiful this time. She was just on Martha Stewart making a smocked summer dress with her cute fabric. FYI

  12. Sarah says:

    My list for summer tv watching includes: Freaks & Geeks, How I Met Your Mother and the remaining 25 films on the AFI top 100 list.
    Lofty dreams? Or just too much time on my hands? Time will tell, time will tell.

  13. LizAnderson says:

    We love Discovery’s “Deadlist Catch” during the summer. It’s got suspence and ice cold water — the perfect swelting weather viewing! Oh, and they block out the swear words, if the kids happen to be up.
    I miss those early bedtimes. Guard them, for like naptime, they fade away too soon.

  14. Hillary Lang says:

    love FNL! all caught up there. And John Adams was soo good! Man, do I watch a lot of tv.
    I forgot about True Blood! That’s on my netflix queue. I got sucked into the books and can’t wait to see the show.

  15. Hillary Lang says:

    oh fringe looks good, thanks! very x-files
    I tried the tudors on netflix and couldn’t get into it. knowing how it was going to end was ruining it for me I suppose.

  16. Hillary Lang says:

    yeah, I really want to stick with them. even if they’re not asleep they’re sitting still in one place. good contemplating their navel time.
    hm.. deadliest catch. ok! it’s on the list. thx :)

  17. Lori says:

    If you’re into the scifi shows, you should start watching Primeval…it’s a British SciFi about portals being opened into the past time periods…and the dinosaur type creatures that come out of them and wreak havok in London. It’s really cool. :) Love the new little doll, by the way. Very cute! :)

  18. Modern Crush says:

    I just finished the first Charlaine Harris book “Dead Until Dark.” The HBO series (all that’s out (dvd)is the happenings of the first book (there is now 8 books?)) is supposed to be really good… vampire love! If you like that sort of thing:)

  19. allie says:

    fringe is a definite yes. and i LOVE that you do 7pm bedtime! some people just don’t get it, but my 2 & 6 year olds both hit the sheets at 7:30 (weeknight OR weekend) and i think it has a HUGE part in their mostly godd behavior and the older’s accomplishments in school. yay for getting enough rest!

  20. Annie says:

    Exactly! There will be no more reprints of any current collections either
    which means that if you can find those cute tadpoles in jars or the awesome
    gnomes you should snap them up…

  21. peppercam says:

    Can I just say WAH about the Heather Ross fabrics too. shoot shoot shoootity toot.
    Have you done Veronica Mars? It’s kind of summery and Buffy-esque.

  22. leslie says:

    seven isn’t bad- we’re set for 7:30 or 8:00… we’ve just been closing the curtains after bath time to kind of set the bed time mood… 7:30am comes too early with out an early bedtime!
    I 2nd Fringe…

  23. Jenny Mitchell says:

    ok, 7pm bedtime is awesome, you go.
    we are on a strong run here of 8 for both, since about the 2 month old time for dot, but i feel ya- it’s light out, and how can we keep this up once school is out.
    also. tv. summer programming is suckin. and it is really suckin when you are me and you decided 2 years ago to widdle down the cable to almost nothing, like, we have about a dozen channels. major networks and like, 2 religious channels (what gives) and 2 political ones. so lastnight, i was literally stuck with nbcs 2 hour special of the 50 greatest lines in television (or something like that) i couldn’t believe– i mean, TWO FULL HOURS dedicated to great one liners of the past???? what??? and i was actually hoping for something like so you think you can dance. good god.

  24. drcarrie says:

    I Nth True Blood. I watched the 1st 2 discs on netflix, and had to push the rest to the top. I’ve got the last 3 all at home right now. I just cannot get enough of Bill saying “Sookie”. Awesome.

  25. Jenny Mitchell says:

    oh! and i meant to add: if you never watched, i always think that freaks and geeks is excellent, even for a second or third time around. we have the box set here and i may just bust it out if all there is to be had is wipe out and newlyweds and such. i guess i could always TURN THE TV OFF and go outside. heh.

  26. Rose says:

    My husband and I are set to watch Battlestar Galactica over again as soon as we’re done watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy again. We’ve been watching the director’s cut of them in installments. I think it’s something like twelve hours long or something crazy like that. Yes, we are such nerds. When we met in high school, we used to watch Star Trek TNG in my mom’s bedroom every Sunday. (My mom was watching 60 Minutes in the living room.)
    And I am all about the dark curtains…both for getting them to sleep early and making them sleep late. But man, my (almost) 5 year old is fighting the 8 o’clock bedtime.

  27. victoria says:

    Bring on the 7 o’clock bedtime. I start singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the day…” at about 6 pm. 3 kids and no down time!

  28. Beetlegirl says:

    I would definitely third and fourth the Fringe recommendation. I only allowed myself to half-heartedly watch it (as Fox has a tremendous reputation for canceling shows), but now that it has been signed on for a second season, I will be going back to watch all the episodes I missed.

  29. H says:

    We like Burn Notice, season three starts next week Thursday on USA, and you can get at least season 1 on DVD. Fluffy and fun spy show. I watch it mostly for Bruce Campbell, I’ll admit.

  30. Bethany says:

    Since you’re a Netflix-er how about a little Heroes? Little bit of sci-fi, little bit of action, little bit of suspense…comic book style.
    Blog news: Sew Mama Sew is doing their Great Give-Away Day(s) until Sunday.

  31. Gretchen Ree says:

    What about Firefly? One season only, and we really enjoyed it.
    Also, you twittered (tweeted?) about a push bike or trike, and I thought I would mention that our daughter LOVED (well, still loves really) her balance bicycle. It was great when she was really small. She figured it out really quickly, and could practically keep up with her big sisters on their big bikes. And now that she has been riding the balance bike for 3 years, she transitioned straight to a regular bicycle with no training wheels, and was riding it all over the place by the second day!
    We have a cute german wooden one, but REI even has a pink one I know my daughter would have loved!

  32. Heide says:

    Ah, we love us some 7pm bedtime too. We can put them down, clean up a bit, and still have time to watch a movie before passing out. Fab!

  33. becky says:

    there was so much t.v. goodness i have a huge list now to check out. thanks a bunch! i do have a giveaway going on over on the blog. whosies dot blogspot dot com come check it out–sponsered by sew mama sew. tons of stuff to look there….tons of time looking too !)

  34. Sweets says:

    No, you are not mean for sending your kids to bed at 7:00. I did the same thing. My now 12 year old son and his younger brothers all go to bed at 8:00 with no complaints! You need an early bedtime for kids to keep your sanity!! lol!

  35. carrie says:

    Fringe and Firefly are great choices. I also recomend the new Dr. Who. BBC stays true to the orginal Dr. Who, but with much better special effects.

  36. elisabeth says:

    Did you ever see Roswell? That was a great show, for about 2 seasons. Then it got weird and dumb! But I highly recommend the beginning if you like teen sci fi!

  37. MaryH says:

    Not exactly teenage sci-fi, but do you ever watch Mad Men or Dexter? TV doesn’t get any better. I think the first 2 seasons of both are on DVD.
    Also, if you like Ricky Gervais (and who doesn’t?), Extras is on DVD.
    I know people who really like BBC’S Dr. Who; the Sci-Fi channel regularly airs old episodes.
    And if all else fails, there’s always TCM.

  38. meg says:

    oh I was thinking of your tv woes (as I was thinking about mine)…have you seen Firefly? Joss Wheaton’s sci-fi cowboy show? Because it’s ridiculous and awesome.

  39. Peta says:

    i just finished buffy season 7 over the weekend, i started watching it from the beginning a few weeks back (i’m not very social). now i find myself watching dvds from my collection that i haven’t watched for awhile, over the past few nights i’ve been watching the back to the future movies.

  40. Sara says:

    Did you ever catch Farscape? It was a really good series. Henson involvement, so it was like Muppets in Space. I’m not sure I’d show it to kids. It also used fake swears like BSG – Frell instead of frak, etc. Lol.

  41. Marg says:

    Yes, definitely Roswell, Firefly, and absolutly Dr. Who. Twin Peaks is excellent but definitely late night stuff. You may also enjoy The Prisoner — sort of a combo of spy thriller and sci fi.

  42. this humble abode says:

    We have watched every episode of Arrested Development several times. Also, if you haven’t yet watched the Planet Earth series, it’s amazing! I also love This American Life, you can Netflix to see it, or Podcast to hear it.
    I just finished reading A Homemade Life (by blogger Orangette) and I’m now reading It Sucked and then I Cried (by blogger Dooce) Would recommend both!

  43. Megan says:

    Orson Scott Card!
    Memory of Earth
    It starts off in a city ruled by women!
    It’s the first in the Homecoming saga, I think 5 or 6 books.
    Also, Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles is at the top of my list.
    And The Avengers is good for a little 60’s television sci-fi once every few episodes.

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