name that flower?

Anyone up for a round of name that flower with me? I saw the most beautiful planters today. We really want to do some containers this year but I never know where to start. I sorta want to just copy these but I can't identify anything but pansies. Looks like maybe there's some lettuce of some sort? I love that. And these pots are perfect. I'm on a misson now…

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  1. kellyi says:

    The Lettucy type plants look like ornamental cabbage to me. Link here to images:
    Big link i know but not sure how else to lay it out. The other stuff I am not so sure about.
    Ornamental cabbages are really easy to grow in the UK. I have had a few over the years. Hope it helps!

  2. Louise says:

    So pretty! I think that the whitish ones with the yellow throats are poor man’s orchids (google indicates that the scientific name is Schizanthus Pinnatus). It also looks like there might be rudebekia (sp?) in the last picture (the bud that is not open yet). I think that’s about all I can name – though I have seen the little purple ones before too, I just cannot remember what they are called.

  3. Heather says:

    It looks like the white flowers with yellow middles and red foliage is Nemesia (in the top picture they are the purple flowers). They smell wonderful. The one that hasn’t opened yet looks like a Gerbera Daisy to me. And the clump of tall flowers at the “back” of the pot look like Lobelia. The other white ones in the back with the yellow middle look like they could be Sweet William. In the top picture it looks like there might be some ranunculus as well. The lettuce/cabbage looking thing might be Bergenia, but the leaves seem a little small to be that. I couldn’t blow up the pictures, so I could be off on a couple of them. You could maybe take the pictures to your local nursery and ask them. I hope That helped even a little bit.

  4. Penny G says:

    I am sorry that I know no plant names. That is only sad because my mother was a registered horticulturist. She tried to teach me, but I had no interest. Good luck on your quest.

  5. Colleen says:

    I asked my mom whos a garderner what she thought they were, like Heather she said the white flowers with yellow centers are Nemesia, and the plant in the bottom left hand corner of the 2nd looks like lettuce. Odd combo!

  6. Cartas a Si says:

    Beautiful flowers! That yellow flowers we call in Portugal “amor-perfeito” that in english means perfect love. The cientific name is “viola tricolor”, but I think in english you call it pansy. The others in white I don’t know the name.

  7. Janice Williams says:

    Cartas a Si is correct….the flower that you think you know the name of isn’t a pansy, pansy’s have larger flowers, it is a viola, same family. The green leaves that hasn’t opened yet looks like an English daisy.( they use to grow in our grass.) Others are right about the Nemesia, it comes in a few different colors. It might be the same flower that is towards the back, or they might be daisy like, and if so, they are fever few, which is actually an herb. But if nothing else, I would say the pot is over planted, and will need lots of water throughout the day to keep it alive in the summer!

  8. Sally says:

    The unopened ones in the middle look like Calendula – sometimes called pot marigold. Nemesia definitely, Sweet William and I think the white daisies are Feverfew. I also see Lobelia. The small yellow pansy like flowers go by a bunch of names, Viola, Heartsease, JohnnyJumpUp. The leaves hanging over the pot on the left look like a type of Primula or Primrose – these usually flower a bit earlier here in NZ but given it’s a pot that might not matter so much.

  9. Melanie says:

    I bet you could also do oxeye daisies too.
    One of the nurseries around here had some cool plantes a few years back with ornamental purple peppers (long). Those were cool… and japanese lanterns.

  10. Laura says:

    I would have to agree – white nemesia, yellow violas (2 kinds), lettuce, some sort of daisy – I can tell by the foliage, and I don’t know what that is in the back.
    Were you at the Planter’s Palatte today? I was and I think I saw these! Their rows and rows of pansies were irresistable, even if they won’t last all summer!
    Laura in Naperville

  11. Sophia says:

    I don’t know about the white flowers in the back but the yellow ones with the purple center and white with purple center seem to be horned violets.

  12. Emily Moss says:

    Despite having a perennial plant expert as a mother I don’t have a clue myself about naming flowers. I do know that those are beautiful planters just overflowing with gorgeousness!

  13. Sasha says:

    My first thought was that they might all be edible and that would be the theme. Violas and the unopened calendula and the ornamental cabbage would be edibles.

  14. Kara says:

    I can’t tell you a think about flower species, but I did receive my Olive doll last night and I want to say thank you! She’s currently got pride of place on the mantel, and I think she’s adorable! Thanks again.

  15. Penny Peberdy says:

    I would say definitely Nemesia and Marigold (Calendula) as well as the violas (smaller than pansies. Not sure about the vegetably-ly looking ones, but they’re certainly not lettuce, and I don’t think ornamental cabbage either. they would grow to be much too big for that container and also flower later in the year, whereas the rest are Spring / Early Summer…
    I once used parsley (the curly sort) in a container with flowers and it was brilliant!

  16. Penny Peberdy says:

    Just a sudden thought – maybe the cabbag-y ones are London Pride, or there is a similar plant which has red flowers…

  17. Janice Williams says:

    I am waiting to hear that you’ve planted up some containers, using our ‘named’ plants and they look wonderful! By the way I love the squares of designs by the names on the comments, actually mine is a least favorite, but I find them fun.

  18. Lyndy says:

    I can see nemesia, bellis daisies maybe and the purple leafy one could be a type of colleus or a purple sage.

  19. Taryn says:

    I used to work in a couple nurseries a few years back and I’m pretty sure that the lettuce-y looking stuff is some variety of “Ajuga reptans”. It can be used as a groundcover and it likes it a bit on the shady side. They produce a small spike of purple flowers in the center. They are very easy to care for.
    I’m up for playing “name that flower” anytime you want. I need to keep my identification skills sharp or that plant i.d. class I took was for nothin’!

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