my puffs are up!

Aren't they so pretty? I love them so. They keep my spirits up. And I'm hoping they'll attract fairies. Tiny little helper fairies. Maybe writing fairies who have succinct explanations at the tips of their little tongues for attching stuffed limbs with a blind stitch. Or maybe cleaning fairies who would like to address the bathtub I've been avoiding for weeks.

We checked out some fun books from the library this week. One of which was Twig, which is why I have fairies on the brain. I'll do a book report post tomorrow about the rest.

Happy Monday :)

23 thoughts on “my puffs are up!

  1. Lorien says:

    We LOVE Twig. My favorite is Fairy Queen with the wooly caterpillar as a stole. “Mrs. Hickory” is another sweet book you might enjoy.

  2. Peanut says:

    Those are onions?! So pretty. I wonder if I can grow them here. If I see any fairies I’ll send them your way (they’ll appreciate the warmer weather) but so far this morning we’ve been watching a squirrel clean out our bird feeder.

  3. Diana (Ladybug Limited) says:

    Ah, thank you for this post– Twig is now on hold at our library :) I’d been looking for something to inspire my Bug towards building fairy houses in the yard. I know there are more titles, but this will be a good start.

  4. laura t. says:

    We have Twig, too! The cover is enough to lure me in – so cute. My mother in law gave it to my daughter, as she has fond memories of reading it herself when she was a girl. We have a little fairy house in our garden with a bottle cap and sea shells inside, and a tin can on the outside. Enjoy the book!
    Your alliums look terrific!

  5. allie says:

    (age 12, btw)
    when i was about 6 years old i watched a video about faerie houses from the library. for years after that, i made little faerie houses in the hollows of trees. you can use rocks as tables, and a leaf as a tablecloth. it’s SO much fun!

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