robins’ eggs

I'm disappointed to find that I hate robins eggs now. They used to be my favorites when I was little. I think my oldlady-sensitive teeth can't handle that malted whopper business. And the jelly beans I got at the store suck too. I need some fancy ones, with pectin.

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  1. Tiffany Harvey says:

    Ah, too bad! But that reminds me, I need to pick up some Robin’s eggs before the season is over.
    I’m not usually a jelly bean fan, but I really like the Sweat Tarts brand, and the Startburst beans are good too. A very different flavor from the normal ones.

  2. Lotta says:

    Jellybeans are overrated man. This Easter I decided I was just going to buy a few select, high end goodies for the kids baskets. They get a slew of junky candy from all their other relatives. You know, have one gorgeous chocolate covered strawberry perched on top.
    Then I wandered into Walgreens and was all, “Oh my gosh look at that cute little plastic piece of crap with the cute crappy little cancer beans in it!” and I bought it all.
    Maybe next year…

  3. Maribeth says:

    Since growing up into an adult who tries to eat healthy, whole foods I have found that many of those treats I used to think were so damn yummy as a kid (peeps, skittles, etc) are now terribly hard to stomach. I’m thankful that some smaller, specialty confectionaries are making some really great candy, so I don’t have to feel left out.

  4. eg says:

    My robins eggs were a disappointment this year, too. Super sweet and not very malty. Maybe they changed them? I mean, it certainly couldn’t be me, right?

  5. Quince and Quire says:

    I have found that our co-op carries jelly beans that are colored with beet juice and annatto and flavored with actual fruit. And they really do taste good! I know, it’s a little bit kooky, but so much tastier than that horrible red artificial food dye.

  6. Lisa says:

    The Jelly Belly company makes special Easter Pectin jelly beans that are not like the usual jelly bellys. They are the perfect jelly bean – if you can find them!
    I just remembered that you live around Chicago so you can just drive an hour & 15 mins. to Wisconisin to the factory store!

  7. jenny says:

    robin’s eggs were always my favorite too, and i am with you- my teeth hurt just thinking about them! all that candy! eeek.
    last year i did a craft basket for henry, with only the littlest bit of candy.
    of course i always feel like a total scrooge when i do stuff like that, like am i some kind of meanie momma that is holding back on the candy and treats? i’ll be the old lady who gives out pretzels apples on halloween, i’m sure.

  8. Karen says:

    Robin eggs are my favorite too. But I only like the mini ones. I went to buy another bag but the store was out of them. At least they had some small boxes that look like miniature orange juice cartons.

  9. luckybeans says:

    Oh, but they are rather pretty. Perhaps you ought to keep a few around, and let the children ruin their teeth on them. (Only joking– mostly). Williams and Sonoma always has the most beautiful chocolate truffle eggs, too.

  10. Laura says:

    One year I accidently bought the “spice” jelly beans and put them in my daughter’s basket – ooh! What a mistake! They are terrible!
    How’s your garden coming along?
    Laura in Naperville

  11. Karin says:

    Oh, Robin’s Eggs are one of the prettiest Easter candies. Too bad they are so gritty on your teeth. :( I’ve exceeded my limit on black jelly beans so no more candy treats for me. Funny, Jelly Belly black jelly beans are very nice to eat with no ill effect. The others? Tasty but deadly.

  12. Sue says:

    I love your dolls. As the Gran to two adorable girls, I’m loving the squishiness. And I’ve sent a follow request to your Twitter ID. Hope you will let me follow.

  13. Kara says:

    It was a sad day when I realized that Cadbury Creme Eggs were too sweet to eat anymore. I do LOVE licorice jellybeans, though – I could eat a pound a day until all my teeth rot out.

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