no new easter dress for this one

I couldn't get dress sewing motivated since whenever she has a chance she strips out of her girl clothes and beelines for O's closet. Think she'll be the only girl in a star wars shirt at the egg hunt?

31 thoughts on “no new easter dress for this one

  1. Beetlegirl says:

    My mother always told me that I was like Houdini when it came to getting out of dresses. And the cute shoes? Well, I imagine it was like an Easter egg hunt for those each time on the playground for my mother as well.

  2. TANYA SVOBODA says:

    Funny cause I was just getting down on myself for not kitting out Gracie this year.
    My mom used to have a new crinoline dress with one of those hard, lace covered bonnet things, a new beaded purse and little white gloves for my sister and I every Easter.
    She would lay them out on while we slept so when we woke up it was totally thrilling to see all that girly stuff.
    Gracie will be wearing whatever is on the Target clearance rack in a dress form. But I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t really care either way.

  3. Jennifer R. says:

    That is too cute! My daughter is always trying to be naked but if she had an older sibling’s closet to raid, I think she’d be going for clothes just like that!

  4. Christina R says:

    Doesn’t it just make you giggle to see little ones with their hands in their pockets? My girls do it all the time.

  5. sioux says:

    oh i know! my daughter was like that much of the time, but now (at 3.5) insists on only dresses. both phases are equally frustrating and cute! at least her favorite dresses are leopard print and tie-dye!

  6. Claire says:

    This is such a flashback. My 2nd daughter, at age 1.5, would only wear t-shirts with pictures on them, just like her 3.5 year old brother. For 4 more years, she told everyone she was a boy. The stories I heard about other girls with the same identity issue – oh my goodness! I had to stop trying to force a dress on her, and choose my battles.

  7. Andrea says:

    Cute photo. My little Phoebe is the same with clothes but fortunately she has only an older sister – though her obsession with wearing her sisters underwear over her trousers makes a real fashion statement!

  8. Citlali Talina Contreras Moreno says:

    Oh she’s a cool individual! I love it!!! hahaha! I think my husband must be tired of girly girl things, because my eldest wants to wear dresses all the time (when it is mosquito season, that’s a no-no) but the little one seems to favor pants. We’ll see what comes next!

  9. melissaczca says:

    I LOVE this! Reminds of my middle daughter who was something of a tomboy — no girly frills for her but now she has a daughter of her own and wants to dress her mostly in pink so people will know she’s a GIRL!

  10. UK lass in US says:

    That was me as a kid. Well, mum made me wait ’til my brothers’ hand-me downs fit me, but then, they were 5/6 years older than me…
    I always put my daughter in jeans (to stop her scratching the eczema on her legs) so she spends all her time stripping those off and putting on short shorts…

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