monday morning

Is my site still here? Typepad admin says I have 0 posts. They're kooky like that. Speaking of kooky, I have those new talk-to-each-other comments now. Just in case you're feeling chatty.

So I wish I had a cute remodeled kitchen then I could show you my big accomplishment for this morning, clean countertops! Really that is actually blog-worthy news around here. It's awesome. I think so much better when all the dishes are in the dishwasher.

Another pleasantly tidy scene here at casa lang is the bed of myrtle and sweet woodruff that's come up all bright and cheery. I love it so much. Effortless gardening. The only bummer is it putters out where we did the new landscaping and was buried with new dirt and mulch. It just isn't creeping back in fast enough for me. I tried to transplant some today but I feel like I was just killing plants and making a mess.

My next project for today — after a string of errands with a couple of crankpots — is to try to make some space in my craft room. I'm hoping to find new homes for a few old and unfinished dolls that are just piling up around here. Anyone in the mood for a misfit toy?

40 thoughts on “monday morning

  1. Jenn : ) says:

    I have a pile of unfinished projects, too. I hope they know how well meaning I was when I started them. I had good intentions.
    Glad to read you’re seeing a bit of Spring where you are! : )

  2. Marybeth says:

    Is that what those flowers are called? I’d been wondering. They ARE lovely for certain, kind-of subtle in their loveliness. As for yr misfit toys, well, we’d love one! My dearie pie doesn’t care what anything looks like as long as it’s big enough for mamma to let her hold it will get loved. Does that last forever, or does “toy discrimination” eventually kick in?

  3. Care says:

    I know exactly what you mean about clean counters and the thinking process. Just did mine, and all of life feels much better!
    I too am working on my sewing room. Sigh, if only there were enough time in the world to finish all those projects I’ve started over the years. Maybe I should host an “Unfinished Project Swap.” Finishing someone else’s projects would be oh, so much more interesting than finishing my own!
    I would love one of your misfit toys!!!

  4. laura says:

    Those little wooden ladies (salt and pepper?) are so lovely. I’d provide a home a misfit toy gladly, as long as they hadn’t got too used to living with clean kitchen surfaces :)

  5. UK lass in US says:

    Clean countertops only last about 5 seconds around here. Unfortunately I’m the only dishwasher.
    I can’t believe that any of the toys you make could ever be described as misfit. I had plans to make a doll for my daughter’s birthday, but I’ve only got a couple of days left before that deadline zips right by, just like all the others…

  6. Nancy says:

    my craft room is a disaster
    even when it is slightly organized it is still never picture worthy
    i guess you could say that is a sign that work is actually being done it
    organization is not my strong suit
    misfit toys are still cool in my book

  7. annbates says:

    Misfit toys personify our misfit weather here in Chicago! I’m sure your misfit toy is much more pleasant that my crankpot-cooped up- cabin fevered kiddo!

  8. Lyndy says:

    They could always come to my house and have a party with all the other misfits and UFOs (unfinished objects here). they wouldn’t be misfits at all they would fit in just fine :) Lyndy

  9. Tonya says:

    So glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks clean counter tops are a major accomplishment! And if its not too late, your misfits would fit in perfectly around here. We love misfits!

  10. Amy says:

    I would love a misfit toy… So would my son… (Too bad his mommy can not find the time to make a boy doll – or rocket man… I have the patterns…)

  11. Anna says:

    so cute! Chloe was the reason I bought the pattern and, so far, we’ve got one little bald baby made. My daughter just loves her to pieces. As soon as she is old enough not to suck on the hair we’ll have to set that girl up with some curly locks. We’ve definitely welcome a “misfit” to join in future tea parties!

  12. Wendy says:

    Oh, I planted sweet woodruff all over our front yard (about 300 of those and 300 buttercups). Not so much effortless gardening, but I love they way they look.

  13. Lori Anderson says:

    I used to be rabid about cleaning, but since I started making jewelry for a living AND have a Kindergartener, the only time things get dusted is if I remember to swipe my sleeve across things as I walk by.

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