back to green

The snow is mostly melted away today and the bulbs are still standing, even some new stuff has sprouted.

I’ve earmarked this quiet afternoon for sitting and thinking. I’m very excited, so I’d better get to it.

17 thoughts on “back to green

  1. pippi says:

    i love this sweet one!
    her little lime green/chartreuse hair reminds me of the 4 inch dreadlocks i just started last night – she and i are a buckwheat wonder.
    * i n s p i r i n g *
    and charming in her woodland splendour.
    enjoy your creative reverie~~~

  2. maggie smith says:

    Hillary, this is adorable!
    and i must ask you if you can tell me where you got that fabric?? i had a dress made of it when i was little and i’ve found the pink/red version, but not the green/yellow. can you please let me know when you have a minute? thanks and happy writing!
    xo, maggie

  3. Kellie h says:

    sooo happy spring is here…though we’ve had sprin gto winter days back and forth on this spring break week down south. Love your lil gal popping up =)

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