What a boring weekend. Working on taxes, feeling broke, wondering what happened to Spring.

At least we’re spot-free. We had a very hot, clingy baby last week due to a case of roseola. She’s all better now. Barely spotted and back to her favorite activities, jumping off of stuff onto other stuff. I miss the hugging.

Today I’m thinking about bunnies and realizing that I’m out of time to get something together for Easter crafting. Although I do have this vision in my head of jellybean colored dolls in a basket. It is the absolutely last thing I have time for, which means it’ll be the only thing I’ll want to work on. We’ll see.

The weekend wasn’t a total wash however. We won the non-monitored Netflix queue lottery on Friday and ended up with High School Musical 1 and 2. I’d put them on the list thinking Phoebe might get a kick of them, being our little dancing baby, and also I love all things teenage and musical so what the heck. Phoebe, of course, wasn’t the least bit interested but Oscar and I were riveted. I’m now running on a loop of hodgepodged hsm songs and thinking I just might need to find a picture of Zac Efron to tape up in my locker.

21 thoughts on “sunday

  1. Christina says:

    You won’t be able to resist HS Musical 3, either! My 4 and 8 yr. olds know every word, sung and spoken, of all 3. I sympathize with your snow. Me too, but I’m in Canada so it’s to be expected. I’m starting seeds in the window with the kids just to see something fresh and green.

  2. kim says:

    oh no – we had a sad liitle guy with roseola last year. horrible. glad she is better. my kids love your paper dolls printable – thanks very much!

  3. icantsew says:

    i have three girls and have as yet not watched the hsm movies for fear of them taking over… then again i have had enough of the wiggles (those men are getting OLD) phoebe is very very cute and glad to hear that rash is gone.
    %*_*% rosey

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