pictures of my kids

So I was asking for post topic suggestions with that giveaway and I
jotted down some of your ideas before I started having a panic attack at
the deluge and edited the post to not ask for suggestions. But I will check everything off that list eventually. Someone asked about pictures of my kids didn't they? That's easy enough….

Here are a few more suggestions I thought it'd be quick and easy enough to knock out….

Rah Rah Monsters – that I did my best to explain over in the comments of the post. It's not so much a game with rules as it is a, I don't know, sport?

A few of you asked about my craft room, it's here. It's been rearranged since then and not for the better so it's in hiding these days. It's sort of a giant pile of crazy.

And I think people were asking about my fabric? It's here and conveniently, there's a stash interview that just went up a bit ago here on Sew Mama Sew. Where do I get it? New stuff, mostly online and vintage stuff, mostly left over from my thrifting days. I'm going to work on an updated fabric shopping list for my FAQ. That ought to be fun, and expensive!

Yarn hair – here's the story on yarn hair, to me there are two types of yarn hair. One is the easy to understand, straight forward and very successful way of sewing yarn into wigs and then sewing to the dolls and this is the method that is explained in the Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern. I use this method most often and with great success. I believe this is how Waldorf dolls hair is done. (right?) I'm amazed there's not a tutorial out there for it online somewhere. If anyone knows of one please let me know!

The other type of yarn hair is what I'm going to call from now on my "wow hair", thanks to a comment Abby left, "Everytime I see one of the dolls you make, the hair is always one of the best 'Wow' factors of the entire thing!' Thanks man! This type hair is different every time, complicated, time-consuming, instinctive, organic and sort of the magic of dollmaking for me. It's not something I could or would want to try to step out in a how-to. There's no great secret to it, it's just sewing yarn to a stuffed head, but the joy of it is starting out without a plan and not knowing where you'll end up. I love experimenting with yarn hair and have so so many sketches of designs I can't wait to have the time to try out.

Oh, and how I find the time… babysitter! I know I've mentioned this before and I try to mention it as often as possible. Babysitter, babysitter, babysitter! I'm a working mom and after Phoebe was born my days of working while simultaneously parenting were over. I'm no super woman, actually I'm a pretty big wimp when it comes to
multi-tasking like that. I get so worried that I'm a crap mom or very cranky
that I can't complete a thought or a task so I gave up and got help. I work while Oscar's at school and Phoebe's napping and then I have a babysitter come play with them a few times a week while I work.

Okay, that crosses a few things off the list! I'll work on some more tomorrow. Thanks everyone for all your help, I'm always better with a list :)

16 thoughts on “pictures of my kids

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Your little ones are sooo cute! It is such a fun post and is really nice to know more about you! Congrats to the lucky winner! Thanks for sharing!
    Love to you and yours! Have a lovely merry happy day!

  2. Maribeth says:

    I love the little kangaroo stuffies. My son’s kindergarten class is learning about Australia. Just this week the teacher had each child bring in a stuffed animal of his or her choice. She put the animal into a plastic shopping bag and clipped this to the child’s shirt, a la a pouch. They pretended to be mama kangaroos all day long. That was fun!

  3. Jenna says:

    I know what you mean about doll hair. I’ve had people ask me how I did the hair on some of my dolls, and I’ll look at it and have no idea. It’s like it makes sense while I’m doing it, but then I could never explain it.

  4. Queen of Procrastination says:

    Your children are darling and must be the inspiration for many of your precious creations. I sooo enjoy your site. It is always the first one I check on daily. :)

  5. Caroline says:

    Do you have a job outside of weewonderfuls? dare I say, a “real” job?
    As a crafty new mom who just reentered the workforce after a joyous 6 months maternity leave, I find myself sad and yearning for “the life”. I wonder if next Christmas will be as handmade as this one was!
    Thank goodness for least teaching has that!

  6. Christina says:

    Your kids kissing their kangaroos are super cute! I so envy your kidtime/crafttime life balance. Since I work fulltime I want to spend all evening with my kids, so I’m up til the wee hours doing sewing and knitting projects, as it’s the only time I have. No sleep for me, but at least I have “me” time! I’ve enjoyed your blog for many years and my kids have played with many of your patterns for robots and dolls. Congrats on the Etsy store!

  7. amandajean says:

    it was nice to read about how you juggle being a mom and a crafter. i get that question all the time, “how do you do it all?” so it was very interesting for me to read your response to that question.

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