17 thoughts on “sewing + snowing

  1. Citlali Talina Contreras Moreno says:

    Her hair!!!! her hairdo!!!! she’s adorable!!! and the little bunny she’s embroidering! how cute!!!!!!!!!!
    My brown eyes are GREEN now with envy at the lovely fabrics in your quilt! it is THE perfect background… you know, I would love this photo as a poster for my girls’ room!

  2. hillary says:

    well, I made this about a year ago so I can’t remember exactly where some came from. yellow dot is new – japanese maybe?, pink dot is from hobby lobby or joanns, plaid, floral and green stripe are vintage.

  3. mary says:

    I love, love love her hair. I’m a bit hair challenged. How about a video tutorial of how you do the hair.
    I have the same flower print sheet you used in the quilt. Mine is a bit more faded but I love it.

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