Barbie, old school.

It's only February but I'm using Junebaby's birthday as an excuse for my vintage toys on ebay habit. Have to do my part for the economy right? So, I'm obsessed with vintage doll clothes and having no luck. It is almost impossible to get a good deal on on ebay. It's crazy. I'm just looking for some sweet handmade hippie or mod handmade outfits for our Tammy and Barbie dolls so they don't have to dress like the real housewives of orange county or whatever the hell those outfits in the store are supposed to be. Every time I find a lot on ebay with decent photos it sells for $50-$100. Collectors? Or maybe everyone else is as put off by the idea of sewing teeny tiny waistbands and collars as much as I am. Wait til you see what I did ebay though, ha! It's awesome and on its way.

So this is my friend's mom's old Barbie. 1958 I'm guessing. And I'm guessing that because I saw this "Your Favorite Barbie" series of reissued dolls at the store and this gal was one of them. I had the Jackie O Barbie in my cart for a good 30 minutes until I snapped out of it. Definitely for Phoebe's birthday though.

14 thoughts on “Barbie, old school.

  1. Alisha says:

    I have a TON of barbie clothes from when I was a kid that I have no idea what to do with. Maybe I should put them up for sale. I was going to good will them, but can’t bring myself to do it. My daughter prefers her barbies be without clothes and the clothes I have don’t really fit the newer barbies these days. I have some older 1980’s barbies along with a barbie camper/van my mom saved for my daughter.
    I have had fun going through some old toys and remembering all of the fun I had with them. Now I think I need to get rid of a few things.

  2. Carm says:

    I have some seriously seventies barbie clothes but I’m not quite ready to sell any. They were handmade ones and looking at them now I find them hysterically funny. I love the blue velour bell-bottomed jumpsuit and my fake “Hash” jeans. 🙂

  3. LizAndrsn says:

    We’ve collected the Holiday Barbie and Holiday Barbie Hallmark ornaments since our daughter was born. The dolls are part of what we like to call her College Barbies. One day, some stupid collector is going to make me rich and send my kid to higher education.
    That’s my story…..

  4. lera says:

    I just thrifted the coolest vintage case full of Barbie and handmade “Barbie” clothes. They are the funnest things I’ve seen since I was growing up in the 70’s and had my own. I tried to claim they are for my daughter. But who am I kidding? I don’t think I can bear to let her near them just yet.

  5. Queen of Procrastination says:

    Well, I finally got my first Barbie in 1962. I was 7 years old and the Barbie craze was on! For Christmas my Grandmother and Aunt gave me my gift packed in a dress box and inside… ten beautiful handmade Barbie outfits. Sewing talent runs in my family but I missed the gene. So, Hilary, check out old sewing patterns for Barbie outfits. I think that is what they used. Love your doll. 🙂

  6. Queen of Procrastination says:

    OMG! I went to the doll pattern website that kittycatalina posted and There They Were! The very same doll dress patterns my Grandma and Aunt used for my Barbie wardrobe back in 1962!!! You can’t go wrong with those. Gotta calm down now….

  7. Ros Blakeney says:

    I was born on the day that Barbie was released… we are both 50 this year, she doesn’t look a day over 18 and me???MMMM
    brithdate 9th March 1959…
    have never had a Barbie of my own so plan to get one this year to celebrate…

  8. Rachel says:

    What a great doll! She’s definitely a non-Mattel Barbie “clone.” Your friend’s mom must have been easy on her dolls; I can’t believe her beehive is still intact!

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