17 thoughts on “the polar bears could live here

  1. emily martin says:

    Oh you are a dear. 😉
    And I almost jumped out of my seat (or bounced, since I’m actually Dwight Shrute and I use an exercise ball for a chair) at the Orla K stuff at Target! Woot!

  2. Rane says:

    Ack tell me about it … it is
    C O L D here! IL has some crazy
    weather but the fact that tomorrow
    will be below 0 and the schools
    have not called off shocked me.
    I hope that they do call off in the
    morning because I think I will keep
    them home…. It is my job to teach
    the kids common sense if the school
    doesnt. If it is that cold and my
    husbands work closed for tomorrow
    I will not sent the kids.
    Thanks for all of the funness though
    I will have loads of fun with
    my 7 yr d tomorrow. She LOVES your
    site. She asked if your banner will
    change for Valentines day?
    Take care and keep warm.
    Rane and teething baby.

  3. Jane says:

    Dang, I just bought some Orla Kiely notebooks as Christmas gifts! Well, now I get to buy myself something. Sweet!
    That photo is so pretty, it nearly made me forget how ungodly wicked it is outside right now…

  4. Megan says:

    Did not know about the Orla at Target – apparently I’ve been living in a cave according to your other commenters, but thanks! I’m in big trouble…

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