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We're on an unscheduled second winter break over here. Two too cold for school days last week and a holiday and teacher's day this week and we're back in holiday mode. Oscar was showing some disturbing wii addiction symptoms so Tim pulled out this game that used to keep him entertained in his youth, rah rah monsters. These poor little guys are in constant peril, mostly from tanks. Oscar's been huddled on the floor, sharpie in hand for two days now. He's head to toe in marker and black stamp pad ink but he's the calmest and happiest I've seen him in weeks.

And as an added benefit, we finally get a turn.

26 thoughts on “take that wii

  1. John says:

    awesome! can you share the details of the game? looks like something i would have loved when i was little, and i’m always looking for good ideas like this for my kids.

  2. laeroport says:

    Oh, yes. *Please* post the rules. My five year old boy is showing similar signs of wii withdrawl. This would be a waaaaayyyy better than me having to tie him to a chair. 🙂

  3. jenny says:

    yes, poor henry had wii boxing ache last week. i’m just so glad that thing lives at my mom’s house, and not ours- otherwise, we’d be in trouble.

  4. Gail says:

    LOL I have that very Wii addiction. I can’t get enough of the fit. And if my husband doesn’t quit coming behind me and beting my scores I will put him on the rah rah Monsters 😉

  5. Dena Rooney-Berg says:

    Oh yes, instructions please!! We just got the Wii for our 6 year old for xmas after much debate. We’ve never had any video game stuff at all since he plays so well with legos and play dough and magnets, but we decided it would be fine and we have seen some drama (when he can’t play) that we’ve never experienced before, yikes! This game looks fun!

  6. Dara Enns says:

    This game looks completely intriguing! Anything that requires only a marker and some paper and can occupy hours of time sounds like a lifesaver…we just came out of 5 weeks below -30 degrees here – yikes!

  7. Sarah says:

    Wow. He certainly seems to be creating some strange and wonderful little worlds down there.
    I know how he feels about video game withdrawal symptoms though!

  8. Jennifer Tyler says:

    Wii addiction will plague our youth! Thank you for admitting it is affecting your household. I, too, pulled the plug today. I just can’t take it anymore. It’s my 8 year old boy and if he talks about Mario, Luigi or the Bowser one more time I might cry. Not really, but kinda. I love what you do and made Louise just recently. She turned out beautifully (your faces are cuter!) Thanks for your blog. I visit daily.

  9. Hillary Lang says:

    There are no rules really. Tim or I draw him some rah rah monsters to start him off and then he just goes. They are drawn into dangerous situations and then we see how it plays out. Sometimes they’re saved. Sometimes “blowed up”. We add a tank or a ship or a robot and then he copies them and adds to them. Oh, there is one rule. Black ink only.

  10. Laura says:

    This is wonderful! Sometimes kids have more fun using only black ink – it seems that when they’re using lots of colors, they get obsessed with color. When they use only black, they tend to focus more on the lines & shapes.
    By the way, I love your blog and all of your gorgeous crafts! I have just found it, and I am enjoying reading back through some of your archives. Awesome!

  11. Rane says:

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  12. lynne says:

    my 8 year old kills me in Mario Kart. the only course i’ve ever not come in 12th in is Moo Moo Meadows while he now wins the cup almost every time. Sigh, sigh sigh.

  13. Juli says:

    OK, can you do a youtube video of the intial interraction of the drawing of the rah rah monsters and the explanantion you gave to Oscar on how to proceed? Perhaps Oscar explaining? I’m not “getting” it….

  14. Autumn Sousanis says:

    Hilary! See, another opportunity to contribute to the ‘greater good’! I fell asleep last night hoping you’d post intstructions to the ‘Rah Rah Monsters’ game…and thank you for that(!) but now, you should consider packaging this as a saleable item…a pdf file to download a little instruction manual for a few dollars? See, what seems simple to you (ie your Wee Wonderfuls, etc etc) the rest of us would pay money for a step-by-step explanation. Keep up the good work, Mama, you rock!

  15. Asha says:

    Autumn, I was thinking the same thing! Hilary, you and your husband are so creative and a lot of us are checking your blog everyday to see what amazing thing you’re going to come up with next. Def market the game, I’d buy it!

  16. sioux says:

    ok, so what is this game? my kid’s into online transformer and star wars games and i’d love to lure him away! maybe i can adapt it for cars and trucks….? i just love your site; i don’t sew, tho i just inherited my mom’s singer machine from the 70’s. now i have no excuse!
    by the way, if you get a chance, would you mind stopping by my little blog? i have a post up about a wonderful nursery school in the bronx (probably many similar schools in chicago) in need of a little help. i’m hoping to reach a wide audience out here in the ether; there are so many fabulous souls in the blogging world (both writing and reading), and i just know some of them can help. thank you!

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