make way for january

Man! There’s nothing on this old blog here but pictures from Christmas. I need to bump some stuff down. Here’s a photo for today. Tim cut these silhouettes of the kids for me for Christmas. I love them so much. Now I just need to find cool old oval frames for them. Then I’m going to get working on one of my projects – hanging photos of my kids around my house. I have none. I know, worst mom ever. Actually it is not my fault. It’s an inherited trait from my mother who never had any photos of us up. The photos she has up are ones Tim and I have printed out and framed for them. So it’s either wait for Phoebe to grow up and do this for me and get on it.

27 thoughts on “make way for january

  1. Megan says:

    I think there are a lot of us in the ‘no photos of our kids therefore worst moms’ club. But it’d be shame not to hang those silhouettes up — they’re lovely. I love that fabric in the background too!

  2. Jenny says:

    My daughter is four and the photos of her in the house are from when she couldn’t hold her head up! I console myself the the fact that I have them to look at and hold every day. Photographs in frames can wait! The silhouettes are so lovely.

  3. Holly says:

    I am guilty of the same thing – no photos of my kids up in my house, except for my (3 year old) daughter’s four month portraits in the hallway. Must remedy that!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    So funny. I am the same way and have the same resolution. :> I just console myself that I am with them constantly so that’s why I don’t think of hanging them on the wall. Or, I am just a bad mom, too.

  5. Mia says:

    Ha! I had a mom like that too… and unfortunately I’ve become a mom like that 😉
    We were at Disneyland last week and I was remembering the silhouettes that my parents always had done there of my sisters and I. I was thinking of getting it done the next time we went back (but also hoping my little girl grows more hair before then too!).
    Then I was at my grandma’s yesterday and saw of of our old one’s hanging up in her hall- gotta love grandmas!

  6. Kym says:

    Add another bad mum to the list!
    We’ve even got some photos that my Mum framed for us. And they look just lovely resting in a stack on the floor, patiently waiting for a more permanent home.

  7. Ashley H. says:

    What a sweet gift. Good husband! I’m the same way with pictures. I have very few around the house and none on the walls. Even in my office the pictures are woefully outdated. My students ask, “Oh, are those your kids?” and I answer, “Yes, 4 years ago.”

  8. Tim says:

    To make the silhouettes, I took pictures of the kids from the side (a bunch!), then printed the best two out at about the same size, spray mounted the edges of the paper to black card stock and cut around them with a pair of sharp scissors. i used an x-acto to clean up some edges. if you’re really serious about it you should probably get some of those fancy paper cutting scissors.

  9. nan says:

    It must be a midwest thing – my mom never put pictures up of us EITHER! However the grandkids did get the coveted spot on the fringe now! That was a big bozo no no when I was a kid! 🙂

  10. mamie says:

    wow. i love the silhouettes. how ever did he get them to sit for those? i love how each of their personal identities comes thru. and the pictures, yeah, i am that mama too. i am inspired by you to change that.

  11. kyrie says:

    Ha, I have TONS of photos of my kiddos up around the house precisely because my parents don’t have a single personal photo up in their house- it always just felt weird to me. 🙂

  12. SmitoniusAndSonata says:

    They’re lovely !! I think you don’t think about photos when you have them bopping about the house in person . When they leave home , it’s a way of still having them about .

  13. arb says:

    Oval wall frames are kind of hard to find (affordable one, that is). Will you let us know if you find a good source? I have two silhouettes that need framing too. I lucked out on the first year one with a gorgeous antique frame my Mom let me steal from her house.

  14. Gena Perdue says:

    OMG! This could have been my post! We did silhouettes too and I have that god awful feeling of being the worst mom for not having photos up. We just aren’t doing enough, are we Hillary? Heh! Actually we do plenty. Happy New Year and thanks for the giggle.

  15. Lasso the Moon says:

    This no-photo mama club is gonna be a hit. I’m right there with you. We had none, and my girl’s 4th birthday was coming up, so I stuck up a wall full of snapshots with sticky tack. It filled such a void that we’ve left them up for three months now! Know that you are not alone.

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