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I try to justify these ebay purchases saying their for Phoebe, but really she’s much more interested in legos and transformers. Seems if it’s not Oscar’s she not interested. Oh well, more for me to play with on Christmas Day. above: Holly Hobbie and below: Tammy dolls (wait til you see all their outfits!)

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  1. Rane says:

    Ack! Holly!!! I grew up wanted
    to have a holly doll so bad!!!
    I want to know where you got her,
    how much did you pay for her?
    She is sooo sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I am very jealous of “Phoebe”!!

  2. aprilm says:

    Adorable! Yesterday I printed out your freebie paper doll patter, it was so much fun to cut out.
    Now, I’m off to purchase the Kit, Chole and Louise pattern – to support your ebay habbit – what are friends for?

  3. Magpie says:

    Ok – I collected dolls as a child – and saved them all for my daughter. She is 12 now and NEVER ONCE was even remotely interested in dolls….

  4. nancy heard says:

    okay…confession. over HALF of the boy’s gifts from santa are for ME to play with! the justice league characters…the wild ben 10 creatures….CAN’T WAIT for chrismas morning!!!

  5. Holly says:

    Ah, one day Phoebe will realize how lucky she is! I love the Holly Hobbie doll. I did a similar thing last year, bought my then 2-year old a My Friend Jenny doll. Some day she’ll love it…right?

  6. Tiffany says:

    haha. This made me laugh because I tried to justify watching Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, Mary Poppins, and other kid-like tv/books/etc. when my sister was born. Alas, she is almost 14 now, and even then she never liked any of that..she was watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel, didn’t like anything (film,tv,book,etc) that was animated or fantasy or musical/singing… 🙂
    have a happy holidays… I haven’t gotten to them yet but the dreamers embroidery patterns are wonderful and I can’t wait to someday use them (so many projects, so little time..)

  7. Carm says:

    oooooohhhh…. Holly Hobbie. I love her. I used to have some of the smaller soft dolls that were her friends. I can’t even remember them that well… I think they went by the way of a garage sale years ago. How sad!
    I applaud your delightful purchases! Well done!

  8. elizabeth says:

    Holly is soooo cute! This is why I stay off ebay. At least you have a little girl to blame it on! I only have boys. I bought a Strawberry Shortcake doll and my husband just thinks I’m strange.

  9. Joy says:

    I can’t believe it …. I have a Tammy doll too, and her little sister Pepper (do you remember her??). I found them with “Patch” – Sindy’s little sister – when I was sorting some stuff a while ago. :o)
    Joy :o)

  10. Marie says:

    That Holly Hobby doll is just perfect! How sweet. Brings back fond memories of my little metal Holly Hobby Tea Set. I used to play with that for hours.

  11. Mean Mommy says:

    I can relate 100%. After having 2 boys, I’m sorry to admit my little girl bears the brunt of my childhood longings!
    The dolls are GREAT. And I can’t wait to see their wardrobe!

  12. Andrea says:

    I have that Holly Hobbie doll! I think it used to be my moms, but unfortunately there was a hair cutting incident and now instead of long blonde locks, she has a little bob! Those Tammy dolls are incredible!

  13. Leigh says:

    I LOVE Holly Hobby! I just wanted to pop in and say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I felt so lucky that I won a giveaway from you that I wanted you to know that I am having a little giveaway, if you want to visit and enter!

  14. elissa says:

    oh my! i am laughing so hard because my baby girl is the same with her big brothers’ things! her dolls lay dejected while she rams around with trucks and robots! so fun! my mother collects vintage holly hobbie EVERYTHING and i love the soft dolls. can’t wait to see the tammy outfits, they look fun! merry christmas to you and your family!

  15. JenniferZ says:

    Wow–I obviously hadn’t visited your blog in a few days (for reasons beyond my control), and what a nice treat was waiting! Holly Hobbie was THE BEST! I still remember having a Holly Hobbie ice cream cake for my birthday one year, and being jealous of my friend who had a HH sleeping bag. Thanks for bringing me back to my 70s childhood for a few minutes. Have a very happy holiday season!

  16. Lori Anderson says:

    One of my favorite toys EVER was a Holly Hobby Colorforms thing (remember those?) — the scene was a General Store and all the colorforms were things you could buy in the store. LOVED it.

  17. Jacqui says:

    Your Tammy doll looks exactly like the Sindy dolls that my aunt passed on to my daughter when my cousins didn’t want them – along with a beautiful collection of swingin’ 60s outfits. I need to get the dolls heads re-attached but it’s totally worth it! They leave Barbie for dead.

  18. Claire says:

    Pepper & Dodi was a favorite game I made my sister play with me – don’t remember the details, but it must have been fun. As an adult, I finally figured out where those names came from, and that Pepper & Dodi were part of the Ideal Tammy family. Subsequently, I went nuts on ebay, and now have the dolls that I didn’t have as a child. Tammy, Tammy’s mom, Ted, Dad, Pepper, Dodi (who has a weirdly smaller head), Patti the MonkeyWard exclusive, and friend Misty, very glam.
    Barbies were off-limits to us children, and I bought my first (Malibu PJ) when I was 12, made a bunch of clothes from a sweet Coats & Clark sewing/knitting/crochet booklet from my grandmother. There’s 2 of those 60s pattern booklets out there, and each outfit has a name like “Darcy” or “Petra”. Love those. Love your blog too, thanks!

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