high five!

The one good thing about a winter birthday is there is no guilt to staying indoors watching three new videos in a row and playing transformers all day. We had an outing birthday this year instead of a party, a trip to the "dinosaur museum". He was very pleased with all the bones. Bones, cupcakes to school, family party  and toys with many pointy clicky plastic parts and he’s in heaven. Happy 5th to our Cutie McCute and his bag of tricks. And to watch him shrink… four, three, two, one.

Oscar and his girl Penny checking out Sue.

21 thoughts on “high five!

  1. Michelle Tang says:

    Happy birthday, Oscar! May you celebrate all year long. And cupcakes to school? What a luxury! We aren’t allowed to bring “unhealthy” snacks to school anymore, and nothing that’s homemade. Nothing says happy birthday like a granola bar…

  2. Juli says:

    Aww, Oscar has “a girl?”! Penny is such a cute name, they sound like they belong together… Oscar & Penny! Happy Birthday, little man!

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