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I made a felt crown for Phoebe for Christmas. I doubt she’ll like it half as much as her daddy’s stinky winter hat that she likes to parade around in, but I’m giving it a shot. I’m feeling pretty good about my handmade holiday list so far. Of course this is before I’ve tackled what the boy has on his dress up wish list, much more challenging than a felt crown.

There’s a fun handmade holiday giveaway over at STC Craft, tell them what you’re making and enter to win the STC book that’s been on your wishlist!

felt birthday crown

18 thoughts on “dress up

  1. Hannah says:

    I am making my sons first Christmas stocking its so exciting to know that someday it will be hanging in his own home! ( but I still want him in mine, at least for 18 more years!! 🙂

  2. Rane says:

    Woohoo~ I just noticed the
    banner changed! It is sew
    cute! well as always your
    art is cute! I wish that I
    could draw as well as you!
    Gotta love her mitts with the
    string attached! good girl she
    wont loose them! LOL! Too cute!
    Rane and kids

  3. syndi says:

    What does Oscar have on his dress up wish list? My son has been wearing his Jedi costume for weeks now, and I’d love any suggestions.

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