Stitched in Time Nutcracker dolls

They need to come up with a name for spending the Friday after Thanksgiving sitting at home working on handmade presents. “DIY Friday”? “You don’t really need it, even if it is on super sale, so sleep in and spend a leisurely day knitting Friday”? Whatever it’s called, I was able to spend a good part of it inside snuggled up with my sewing basket finishing these two nutcracker dolls from Alicia’s new book, Stitched in Time. They are presents for two new babies on my list and I think they just turned out so cute and I love them. Thanks Alicia!

If you’re making presents this year definitely check out Alicia’s book. It has lots of really cute gift ideas. Actually, just lots of cute all around! I’ve been tapping my fingers since I pre-ordered my copy this Summer and I’m so happy to have it in my hands. The cover alone is enough for me, but to have a whole 160 pages of Alicia at my fingertips is simply wonderful!

38 thoughts on “Stitched in Time Nutcracker dolls

  1. Tam says:

    Those dolls are sooo adorable! The little darlings that get them for a gift are very lucky! I still need to purchase that book! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    ~Tam 🙂

  2. Lucinda says:

    I love the idea of this as a crafting/sewing/knitting day. I don’t do the sales at all! For many years I have dedicated this day to fiber and family, so for once, maybe I’m ahead of a trend!

  3. Roseanne says:

    your nutcracker babies are so cute! I got the book through the library and when my two year old girl saw that cover she pulled me to the couch so we could look at the pictures,over and over. I will have to start her dolly soon to get it done, can’t work on it when she is awake!!

  4. amdrea says:

    I just love your nutcracker dolls.Now I have to go make them!
    We’ve been assembly lining some projects to get done for Presents here at home too.

  5. susaninfrance says:

    so right…been doing the same thing. Oh yours are SO cute–not fair!! I can’t find the right yarn to match my little one’s hair.

  6. Melanie says:

    Make something day! Who knew? And so much nicer than all that Black Friday chaos! I love the dolls, they are just perfect! And though I’ve botched the attachment of the legs, I’m in the process (LONG and DRAWN OUT!) of making a Kit doll from your pattern. It will be a gift for my daughter at Christmas. It is blogs like yours that have inspired me to MAKE gifts or find handmade things to give as gifts. So much nicer than all that hideous plastic at the stores. No wonder my daughter doesn’t like to play with those dolls. Kind of hard to snuggle with stiff cold plastic. Thank you for being an inspiration to me. My husband is in awe of how much the gift of a sewing machine has affected me. MY absolute favorite gift along with the Garmin so I can find hidden fabric stores everywhere I go!!

  7. Dawn says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about that day after Thanksgiving…especially after reading about the absolutely insane waste of life that resulted from a stampede of 2000 moronic New Yorkers at a Walmart. Maybe you should start a campaign…you know like that whole Buy Handmade thing. Craft-it-Friday or something, start a revolution. I’d jump on board in a heart beat.
    those dolls are super cute…wish I could sew like that, but alas, embroidery is ’bout as far as I get 🙂

  8. Puglette says:

    Your dolls are very sweet! I love the colors you chose.
    And I aagree with the DIY friday! I would definately participate in staying at home with family and enjoying each other and crafting.

  9. Alicia P. says:

    Oh good LORD girl. You do me proud, I tell you. I was just making some of these myself all just to give them some awesome braided hairdos. But thank you Hillary — what a kind review and I’m just so thrilled that you enjoyed making these. xo

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