20 thoughts on “my little stitcher bee

  1. Kim says:

    Yeah, we had that weather this weekend. It was cold and rainy yesterday and is going to be doing a lot more of the same this week. I’m just glad that fall lasted as long as it did 🙂

  2. Rane says:

    Don’t you know it, as I type I am
    watching my 3 year old trying to
    put his shoes on so we can take
    a walk with the babies to the
    park! Chicago weather is wild! Next
    we are expecting 40’s the highs!!
    Yuck…. so I am going to go pack a
    lunch in a fun basket and we will
    have the last picnic of the year!
    Have fun today! And that is a very
    cute pic! She should get out too!
    Save her needlework for next week,
    when she will need a small quilt
    for her lap as she stiches!
    Very cute and fun! As allways!
    Take care,
    Rane Leo and Babies.

  3. Rane says:

    I ment next week we are expecting
    40’s as the highs.
    LOL! The warm weather has got to
    my brain!

  4. nan says:

    OH I KNOW! I walked out the door expecting a cold 50’s weather and I was STEAMING.
    when can we get the new patterns!? Enquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  5. Kathy says:

    LOVE the hair on that doll too! We’re getting unusually warm weather too (even for Texas!) Still breaking out the inflatable pool for the backyard…..crazy!

  6. Mrs. Kwitty says:

    Good idea to get outside while the getting is good! We just finished up with a little streak of surprisingly lovely warm weather (in Minnesota here) and certainly did enjoy it! Today is colder and really foggy. Have fun!
    Smiles, Karen

  7. Michelle says:

    Yup, definitely November. Although here(B.C. Canada)it sure feels like it. I’m glad though I can’t imagine it still being so warm. Enjoy your outside time while you can!

  8. i cant sew says:

    i see you have found something for your little lady to sit on! my husband made a wooden high chair and bed after i showed him your blog post a while back. they are so sweet i just wish we could send them free by mail. enjoy your sun…. it was so hot here in sunny queensland australia today that i could barely keep my eyes open !*_*! rosey

  9. mabelcakes says:

    your helper is adorable!!
    and I love how her eyes match her chair perfectly ^-^
    They are such a great green colour.
    Enjoy the weather!

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