KCL girls and a list

I know I should be working on the cooking holiday today but I’m trying to avoid the trip to the inevitably mobbed grocery store so I’m instead working on my Christmas list. I’ve written and rewritten my handmade gift list a hundred times already. Definite gifts-to-be include some dress up items, a few belated new baby presents, a tree skirt and well, I guess I can’t really say the last thing here. I have a feeling this unnamed thing is the one gift that’s going to be the biggest time suck of all. And since listening to me ramble on about lists is as dull as can be, here are some cute pics from the KCL flickr group to perk things up…

Anna’s Ella

. And wow, check out her Christmas project in Homespun magazine!

Marie’s Dorothy

love those red sequined shoes!

12 thoughts on “KCL girls and a list

  1. Tam says:

    Good luck with that list!LoL! The dolly’s are adorable! I love making dolls and buying them!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ~Tam 😀

  2. Donna Nichols says:

    Your stuff is so cute, not sure where ur @? Grew up in California, two years ago did a “California…snow-man-in-a-jar” project with my girls. Basically water and snow-man parts in a decorated mason jar…with a greetings from California–tag and instructions to re-freeze!
    Good Luck with your craftings, and Happy holidays!

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