16 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Traci Hudson says:

    Oh wow, that’s nice! I discovered Gyo Fujikawa when working at the library last year and snagged her A to Z book. My daughter is two and we love identifying objects in that book. That and anything Richard Scarry. I’ll have to check out more of Fujikawa’s work…

  2. Christine says:

    Oh, What a Busy Day! was one of my favorites when I was little. I wrote Gyo Fujikawa a letter in the 80s and was thrilledn when she wrote back.

  3. iHanna says:

    Beautiful image – and it is so fitting in your blog with the colors and the “feel” of it.
    Love the paper dolls you posted too, isn’t it fun to enjoy children’s stuff when you’re a grown up? 🙂

  4. tracy says:

    Oh What A Busy Day enthralled me for hours when I was a child. I recently scored the later edition at a flea market and instantly was brought back to my childhood. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful drawing!

  5. kip says:

    I have Gyo Fujikawa’s “A Child’s Book of Poems” from when I was a toddler sitting right here on my shelf of special books. Love the pilgrim pic! Thank you!

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