Don’t you know you’re going to sew the Monkey.

Sorry. Do you know how many bad monkey songs there are? Work on a monkey pattern for a few weeks and you’ll feel my pain.

Okay, Fleecy Monkey is in the shop today! He’s a Christmas gift making special for only $6. So my quick calculations at the fabric store this weekend have pattern and materials coming in under $20 for what I hope will be a really fun, quick and satisfying cutie for gift giving. I mention in the pattern but let me say again here, I do not recommend using any other fabric than the recommended polar fleece. This is the only fabric I used to test the monkey and it’s just the right blend of stretchy but not too stretchy and I’d hate to have anyone cursing me out because they’re trying to turn a 30″ monkey tail out of stiff wool felt.

monkey stuffed animal sewing pattern

I’ve made about half dozen of these guys now and once you’ve got one under your belt they go really fast. Fleece is very forgiving. It can also seem to sometimes have a mind of its own but I think that makes them turn out all the cuter, like my one-leg-lower-than-the-other guy above. A little wonky in a monkey is a good thing. If you’re hoping for a little more symmetrical just be sure to pin. I’ve found fleece doesn’t sit nicely together waiting to be sewn up like nice flat cotton will. Okay, enough rambling. If anyone has any questions I’ll start a flickr group and please feel free to email me!

8 thoughts on “Don’t you know you’re going to sew the Monkey.

  1. mabelcakes says:

    Oh I’ve been waiting for this little feller!!
    I can’t wait to get started on sewing … I have my fleece and am all set to go.
    Thank you for such a cutie f a pattern!!

  2. Jacqui says:

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for this monkey ever since you posted about it. I shall make him and he shall be called Funky I think. Or Wonky depending on my fleece-sewing skills 🙂

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