33 thoughts on “pigtails

  1. jenni says:

    its a proud day when their hair finally fits into pigtails, its an even prouded one when they dont yank them right out and put the hair tie in their mouths…thats the part im still working at

  2. isuckatsewing says:

    if i dont put my 2 year olds hair in pig tails she looks like a raving looney!! i have posted photos of her on my flickr site but have no idea how to link it. i love pig tails, i even wear them and i am 36 years young. have a great tuesday xx
    p.s.my flickr name is goldsworthy if youre interested.

  3. Gina says:

    Pig tails are my favorite. I love polka dots too, and that bagel is on the list as well..especially Tim Horton’s garden cream cheese and all veggie bagel. Now, I’ve got my hunger for one.

  4. Siri says:

    Noooooooooo! You’re giving me that girl-itch again! Pigtails and brown overalls. If we had a girl, I’m pretty sure this is exactly how I’d dress her.
    Love the new header, too.

  5. Bek says:

    I’m so jealous. My little dd is the same age (I think) and is cultivating a sweet crop of wispy white blonde hair… but no pig tails yet. V cute!

  6. Christina says:

    It is a perfect day when you can put pigtails in your daughter’s hair!!!
    I remember that day with my daughter and I was completely thrilled! She lookes so grown up.
    :) Wait till her hair is long enough to put two braids in…that is another perfect day. 😉

  7. sioux says:

    i remember when i could finally put pigtails inmy daughter’s hair. i was so psyched! now she’s 3 (tomorrow, actually) and she won’t let me do it. ah well, it was a good run. BTW, we have the same kitchen. also, love her jumper.

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