I am in total denial

That this is a no-ornaments-on-the-tree kind of year what with this grabbing, smashing 18 mo old under foot and all. I still went right ahead and bought this box of shiny brites. You know, the glowy, impossible to resist, easily shattered into a thousand tiny shards of pointy glass ornaments.

The snowman made me do it.

47 thoughts on “I am in total denial

  1. Aunt LoLo says:

    Ooh…I’m TOTALLY with you on this one. I’ve got a two year old in the house who loves to “help”, a mother coming who lives to decorate for christmas, and a baby due within days of the holiday!
    I’m thinking…a garland on the mantle, that toddler can’t reach, with all of my “pretties”. Even if I put them high up on the tree, there’s no saying whether she’ll just tumble the whole thing over!

  2. Lisa says:

    I tried to eat the pretty glass ornaments when I was very little. Twice, actually. My mom didn’t put them back on the tree until I was about ten.

  3. myrnie says:

    Now isn’t that funny- I was going to say I agreed with the comment about the garland…and then noticed who left it! Of course I agree with Aunt LoLo- she’s my twin sister :o) Garlands, wreaths, or crystal bowls of shiny ornaments are all nice (and un-reachable for most toddlers)

  4. Angie says:

    I haven’t managed a tree with real ornaments on it in years. Your snowman reminds me that somewhere tucked away in a box are some beautiful ornaments collected over the years. I wonder if I’ll finally get brave! I like Sarah’s garland idea.

  5. Kym says:

    At least you don’t have a puppy. Last year my mum’s puppy chewed through the power cable for her christmas tree lights!! There’s always the high end of the tree for shiny breakables.

  6. ellen Crimi-Trent says:

    that bad, bad snowman!! You should put him in a time out!! Well you could always put a gate around the tree! We put ours in another room so when our little guy was small we used gates on the doorways to keep him out.

  7. Shelly Kang says:

    We’ve managed shiny glass ornaments on our tree every year since my 5-year-old was born (and we have a 2.5 year old as well.) I just make sure to put non-breakable handmade ornaments on the bottom tiers – paper chains and yarn pompoms make great filler – and keep the glass ones up high out of reach. We’ve broken no more than one per year, and that seemed to happen before the kids anyway.

  8. Jess says:

    We have done a table-top tree for the last 4 years with all of the toddling that my children do, and it has worked really well.
    I think we may stay with that even when the tree is safe from grabbing.

  9. greetingfriends.blogspot.com says:

    A few years ago my two little ones constantly pulled the ornaments off of the tree. So we started decorating from the middle of the tree to the top. And it worked but the tree looked really strange. Now that my kids are older, my dog constantly jumps on the tree and shakes everything off. I donot know what the plan of action is this year. Hope everyone has fun.

  10. Kelley Hart says:

    Yes, that snowman looks a little suspicious! We put a large baby gate around our tree when our now 12 year old, was a toddler. Decorating the tree is still his favorite Christmas activity!

  11. Kim says:

    Oh you are cracking me up! I love those, and agree, they would be beautiful on your tree. I Phoebe will love them too! Ooh, SHINY! 😀

  12. Susan says:

    Wow. Does this bring back memories of my babies–my youngest is getting married in 12 days–when they were little I would make stuffed ornaments for them and place them around the base of the tree high enough where they could reach and play with them. The rest of the tree was for me.

  13. Carol says:

    Where did you score the fantastic ornaments? Put ’em up high where the kids can’t reach. We’ve never had to “not” decorate the tree–and this will be our third Christmas in seven years with a twelve-month-old on the loose.

  14. Christina says:

    Actually tie them to the tree — just hanging them high doesn’t work if you’ve got a tree shaker — then fishing line that tree to the ceiling and let’r rip. They’re only young once and if you need to replace one that gets broken, you won’t need to feel guilty next time a Mr. Snowman catches your eye.

  15. DeeJay says:

    I hadn’t even thought about that whole toddler and the breakable ornament thing. Grand daughter will be 17 months old then. Hmmmm…she’s a crazy little tike full of energy too. heheheh Gotta love her.
    I have been picking up ornaments like yours here over the past few years. I love how the Christmas lights sparkle in them.

  16. Debbie says:

    Of course you can have ornaments. This is what I did and it might work for you. I had a box that had M’s ornaments, these were the plastic unbreakable so she could help. They went on the bottom of the tree. Anything I really wanted on, went on the top and out of her reach. Same with halloween, she had stuff to draw on her pumpkin and I cut the other pumpkin. I believe that is how traditions start.

  17. Evelyn says:

    Oh I can agree the glass is out this
    year I have way too many littleones
    that would cause way too much mess.
    I have a folky tree I do when they
    are in daipers. It has handsewn and
    felt ornaments.
    I think that snowman does look like
    a bit of a trouble maker! LOL! Too
    cute! Does his hat say something or
    it is just flowers? I cant tell by
    the photo….*I have bad eyes*LOL!
    Good luck!

  18. rosey says:

    i cant wait to buy glass baubles again. our youngest is 2 and we made the mistake of hanging chocolate baubles thinking she wouldnt notice the difference… big mistake, she has a nose for anything sweet and had them polished off before the rest of us had a chance to think ;0) enjoy the next few weeks leading up to the big day

  19. chantal says:

    I LOVE glass ornaments!!! My kids are big enough to not break them and to know not to touch them but for some reason they still touch them,still break them and just as many get broken!!!

  20. frazzy dazzles says:

    When we had a grabby little mite in the house we put the breaky deco’s in the middle of the table in a big bowl. There was shiny bling without the shattering and blood! With that being said..they still might be on the table this year as said little mite is now at that awkward ‘tear around the house with no regard for others’ stage…awkward! Jen

  21. Erin says:

    I remember one Christmas when my little brother decided it was neat to crawl under the tree and hide in the branches. It fell over a few times before an ornament broke and my parents built a plywood barrier to keep him out. Decorated it could actually be cute!

  22. Carrie says:

    I too can’t wait for Christmas! I too also have an 18 month old underfoot at home who loves to touch all of mommy’s things :)! Although some things will need to be put up and/or away I put all my vintage glass ornaments in a large glass hurricane – makes a wonderful table centerpiece well away from eager little hands.

  23. esmeeks says:

    I’m so with you my little guy is 15 months I think it is time to put the Christmas tree in the play pen again. Sounds crazy but it worked for my other two.

  24. Beth Whitney says:

    we had one of those baby fences and put it around the tree. I even decorated it with ribbon. We joked that it was the tree at the “whitney mall”, like those displays with the fences around them.

  25. jstar says:

    i also have an ’07 junebaby and i hadn’t even thought of the tree terrorism that could ensue. he is cahhhh-razy (my older son left the tree alone). this summer i got FOUR big boxes of my grandma’s christmas decorations too. some of them are pretty neato. i’ve already decided i need a hot-pink tinsel tree on top of our hutch in the kitchen. i can’t wait!

  26. Sue says:

    I love glass ornaments, I have the same box,not the same ornaments, I love the snowman and didn’t get him but I got them at a garage sale. The funny thing is I really started enjoying my glass ones when my kids grew up, but guess what, grandkids came along, hang em high I guess.

  27. Jenny says:

    Hehe mischievous snowman! We’ve got an 18 month old in the house too and I was just wondering about this same thing. Last year we had one of those baby corral fences, that is supposed to keep the baby in, around the tree to keep her out. It worked well but it was UGLY and we don’t have it anymore thank goodness. I think it’s just gonna be fragile stuff up high and soft or who cares if it gets ruined stuff down low.

  28. tilly says:

    a few thoughts:
    put ornaments in med to large glass bowl or container (I have 3 very expensive wedding gift crystal bowls I rarely use but they work for this)
    also can add white lights in the bowl with ornaments if you’d like
    hang from ceiling fixture with ?organza? ribbon…it’s real thin, not sure if that is the name. I hang 6 large globes at staggered lengths from the dining room light fixture
    as mentioned above, raise the tree- we used a nightstand type of furniture because it was small to not get in the way but large enough to hold the tree and a little nativity under
    -also works behind things, if your tv is in a corner, pull it out,put in tree on box to prop up, etc.
    consider numerous trees, breakable ornaments in room less used.
    I like the mantle idea, too.
    Have a nice season.

  29. Rachel says:

    Oh my. Your pretty ornaments are calling out to me. And my 18 month old is stomping around behind me as we speak. How sad. Another year of plastic beads & ribbons & bows. LOL

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