even though he’s right and everyone reads the blog through bloglines

Tim was still a sweetheart and redesigned the site to put up my new Fall banner before Fall is actually over!

140 thoughts on “even though he’s right and everyone reads the blog through bloglines

  1. jane says:

    Lovely banner!
    I heart the Google Reader next> bookmark/button thing. All the benefits of a reader but still get to benefit from individual site experience 😛

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I am technically challenged and don’t do bloglines so I always click on the actual blog and see the whole thing! The new banner is cute, and I love the Mimi doll. She lives about 3 blocks from me, sometime I need to go meet her and see her studio!

  3. Terriaw says:

    The new banner is adorable! The shop logo looks new too. I like bloglines for the new post alert, but I too like to go to the original post. It’s fun to see the entire page.

  4. Ellen Crimi-Trent says:

    The banner reminds me of a cute paperdoll with her cute accessories, hmm that would be fun now wouldn’t it? I think he did a great job, my husband wouldn’t know a thing about how to do the banner.

  5. Rane says:

    I Love your banner!!! I love the
    Japaneseness of it!! I want a
    backpack like hers…I think my
    fav is that she has a Wii mote!!!!!!
    LOL! I bet you had loads of fun
    making this banner! You should make
    a paper doll book! OOh she has a
    embrodery hoop too! Ack! I might
    die from all of this cute!!!! Thanks
    for sharing!
    Rane and kids

  6. Tricia says:

    That’s fantastic! And it makes me glad I clicked over from bloglines. I do feel guilty for not clicking through to my favorite blogs. I want to support the advertising-supported sites with my clicks.

  7. Michelle says:

    Although I do read some through blog lines I still prefer clicking through to the actual site, especially on blogs that inspire my creative side.
    The new header is wonderful, I just love the attention to detail. The acorn hair clips and gathered leaves are my favorite. Although the Wii mote comes in close as well, our family is getting one for a family Christmas gift and I expect it to be a rainy day favorite.

  8. tulip says:

    So cute!! I love the handmade goodness and then the tiny wii remote! :)
    I have a new doll in the works with your last pattern. I am loving learning how to do the yarn doll hair.

  9. gesikah says:

    Actually I use GoogleReader (instead of Bloglines). 😉 But yeah, that is one I miss about old school blogreading, all the pretty websites.
    Very cute new banner! 😉

  10. Annie says:

    You’re right…at least in my case.
    I’m glad you mentioned it – I clicked over to see your banner, which I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s adorable!

  11. Aubien says:

    I don’t even know what bloglines is. Your new banner is waaaaaaaaaaaaay cute. Just like everything that you have here. It’s such a treat to visit your place!

  12. Victoria says:

    I *love* the new banner! I do read my blogs from bloglines first but there are a few (like yours) that I really have to go to and read the posts. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jenni says:

    Hey, I don’t read through bloglines! And I love the new banner, but then, I love most everything that comes from Wee Wonderfuls.

  14. Yin says:

    and even though i use bloglines, it’s to notify me of updates only! i still click on every blog to see the layouts and i’m glad i do!

  15. Jen says:

    It’s gorgeous! And I never read any blogs through Bloglines if I can help it. I appreciate that they let me know my favorite blogs have been added to, and then I click into the blog to read. Everything is ugly in Bloglines.

  16. georgia says:

    I do usually read your blog through a reader, but had noticed the new look yesterday (when I was in a mad rush and had no time to post a comment). I *love* it. Very, very sweet, and so very Wee Wonderfuls!

  17. susaninfrance says:

    and I love the new design–the little girl looks a bit older than previous ww girls–or maybe it’s just me–the longer hair perhaps? very cute!

  18. JenniferZ says:

    SO adorable! Your new banner makes me pine for the joy of buying school supplies every September for elementary school. It is very fitting for your wonderful blog. Thanks for bringing so much fun to your readers!

  19. rosey says:

    you always have heaps of comments so that means heaps of people visit you no matter what! love the banner very cute. i feel like changing mine but am worried it will ‘stuff’ everything up. x rosey

  20. Megan in Chicago, IL says:

    It’s true. I hardly ever look at the bloggers’ actual site. However, I made a trip over (I felt so guilty!) and I am glad I did….. very sweet banner. I especially love the little beret, jacket combo and of course the ever present and essential bag of knitting.
    Happy Fall!

  21. shannon says:

    I’m one of those that open a thousand blogs 3 or 20 times a day. Bloglines would save me a lot of time probably.
    The banner is adorable.

  22. Melanie says:

    I don’t read through blog lines! I’m a crazy person that has all my favourite blogs bookmarked, and I check them all every couple of days. I’m worried if I use blog lines that I will follow far more blogs than is safe and never get anything done!

  23. Ayama says:

    Um I don’t read bloglines. Bloglines and my Japanese operating system don’t always see eye to eye. So I go on the hmmm I haven’t been to Wee Wonderfuls for a few days, I wonder if there is a post. Looking forward to seeing what your young man chooses as his birthday party theme this year. Oh the banner is fabulous!!

  24. Kristen says:

    Yeah, I don’t even know what bloglines are either…
    I actually have an icon for you on my tool bar, so I click you every day–right after my email.
    By the way, I do love the new autumn banner! She’s super sweet. Good job, Tim!

  25. Laura says:

    I don’t even know what bloglines IS – now I just feel old and incapable – to think I thought I was ‘with it’ reading blogs . . . oh well, I like your “banner” – is that what the title is called? 😉

  26. Jill says:

    I don’t read through bloglines either! It’s too much fun to list my favorite blogs in my favorites on my computer, and then check them at will to see if they’ve posted. Much prettier, too!
    Great new banner!

  27. Rachel El-Yafi says:

    Oh, I love the banner! I have your site bookmarked too. no bloglines. btw, I gave your knitting/quilting notecards to a friend of mine today (she knits and quilts). She absolutely loved them. So do I :)

  28. kim says:

    I’m reading through netvibes. I don’t always click through because everything I need is right there … even the pics. Love the new banner.

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