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I had a sudden burst of energy and thought maybe I’d try to get one more toy pattern out in time for Christmas gift giving. I’m thinking boy gift and also thinking quick and easy. With these two criteria in mind I’m using fleece to draft this little guy and I have to say it’s turning out pretty cute. I know fleece isn’t everyone’s favorite and it’s definitely not scoring points on the natural materials scale but it’s super easy to work with, cheap and really easy to find. And it’s soft and the kids love it. Sometimes there can be so many hurdles to actually completing a project, ordering supplies from different online sources or scouting all over town for the perfect fabric. I was thinking, especially during Christmas stress-crunch time, wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a Joanns, Hancock Fabrics or Hobby Lobby with $20 and be able to get all your supplies to make something cute!

I’ve been wanting to make a monkey forever and thought it’d be perfect for this project. Using some of my favorite storybook monkeys as inspiration, I came up with these guys. They’re a little different from each other but I think the final design is there between the two of them. The sitting monkey has a shorter tail because dang, stuffing a long skinny tail is not exactly what I’d call relaxing crafting.

58 thoughts on “drafting monkeys

  1. Megan says:

    These guys are great! I have a 5 year old and an 8 month old and I think they would BOTH love the monkey twins. Were monkeys the sidekicks of the Wonder Twins, or am I remembering my 80’s cartoons incorrectly? Either way, I love them!

  2. becky says:

    you must have read my mind (without knowing me, or even knowing that i existed! wow!). i was just last night thinking that i needed to find something exactly like this to make for all the little ones in my life. perfect! i’ll be watching for the pattern!

  3. daina says:

    These are awesome! My three and a half year old just told me he wants a monkey for christmas. May have to be something like this:) Cause he’s def NOT getting a live one!

  4. Casey says:

    I’m a fan of the classic sock monkey, which can be made from all types socks, including the soft and fluffy kinds. However, my LEAST favorite part of the project is stuffing the tails!!! You hit that one on the head.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Oh, please say you are going to make a sale-able pattern, and that you might need testers! we are a monkey loving family (my 2 year old carries “momo” wherever she goes, and the big-uns love ’em too)…
    your work is so whimsical and fun!

  6. mabelcakes says:

    Oh! This pair is just too cute for words!
    I know a special little guy who would love one of these for Christmas (and he’s thirty hahaha)
    I am almost tempted to go out and buy some fleece in preparation! 😉

  7. Denise says:

    YES! These are IT!
    I have two grandsons, 9 and 6, and they would FLIP over either of these monkeys. Shorter tail, please, says the NanaBeast (as they call me-and coming from boys, being a BEAST is a compliment!)
    I cannot wait to get started on a couple of these monkeys. In fact, the sooner the better (hint, hint – but definitely NO pressure 🙂 ’cause this grandmother hasn’t done any sewing in three years!
    Thank you SO much for coming up with this darling pair.
    Denise Leavens

  8. Jennifer says:

    On second glance, yes, I think Darling Petunia might have a point: there seems to be a little monkey-hedgehog combo going on. I am pro monkey-hedgehogs (monkhogs? Hedgekeys?), lucky for you.

  9. andi says:

    I love fleece. It’s a pity people are down on it; it can be made from recycled soda bottles so it does have some environment friendly properties 🙂
    Those monkeys are adorable.

  10. nwnonna says:

    OOHH Monkeys!! This Nonna has one monkey lovin’ 30 yr.old whose Christmas Stocking could use a sweet simian. And yes, I am still stuffing the last of the unmarried children’s stockings..Santa has to visit everybody, No?

  11. Jennifer says:

    Your first paragraph describes me perfectly! Internet shopping can get so fussy. I am all for one-stop shopping to make a gift with a reasonable budget. The monkeys would definitely be a hit with little boys.

  12. shannon says:

    yes, hedgehog, that was my first thought too.
    Either way they are darling and something boyish is always much appreciated. It seems I make 10x the girl stuff and my poor boys are neglected. Girl stuff is just so much fun!

  13. rosey says:

    was looking at fleece today and wondering what to do with it, but of course i wasnt blessed with a creative brain like you!! so i didnt buy any but will one day. i just love the monkeys on madagascar in fact i can hear your short tailed monkey saying “if you have any poo fling it now” he he he xxrosey

  14. Jennifer says:

    Curious George is the only tv my two year old gets to watch. And only nestled safely into the lap of his father. He simply calls the show Monkey. And he would love one of these!

  15. kern says:

    V. cute monkeys! And I’m so glad you’re thinking about boys on this one. I’ve noticed most crafters design/create for girls. Is that because most crafters are women?

  16. Jen says:

    We should totally start a Joann’s $20 Christmas Challenge; complete with Flickr group! Okay, let me re-phrase…YOU should totally start a challenge, because no one but my sister ever reads my blog!
    I love thrifty crafting, and would love to see what everyone else could make with $20.
    Love the monkeys;)

  17. lulu says:

    Those are just the cutest monkeys ever!!!! I love the proportions. They certainly have baby monkey expressions. I do hope there will be time for patterns; super work! Hugs:0)

  18. susaninfrance says:

    oh such a good idea, especially for right now, using more economical fabrics is in! And we could all probably find an old fleece jacket or blanket that’s seen better days. And hurray for boy ideas…keep them coming!

  19. Julie says:

    Oh, how wonderful. I am just sewing a Pippi longstocking dress for my daugther and thought about a monkey 😉 You are sooooo clever!!!
    Warm greetings from rainy Berlin, Julie

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