thrifty weekend

Our weekend has included some garage saling, a little hanging out at the park and way too much labor.

made in denmark

treats from my sister’s garage sale outings

our new computer

Hope everyone is having a great 3-dayer!

31 thoughts on “thrifty weekend

  1. Barbara says:

    Oh my goodness, that fisher price furniture takes me back. I couldn’t have described it until I saw it, but I had all of that stuff…the playpen and the grill and the rocking horses. Thanks for the happy dose of nostalgia!

  2. Ava says:

    Man, do I miss the old Fisher-Price stuff. All you are missing is the bed with the thin layer of foam glued to it. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

  3. Ashle says:

    My heart just jumped at the sight of all the sweet little fisher-price furniture. We had those exact ones when I was little and they were by far my favorite toys.
    I’m sure my girls will feel the same about “little people”, but I always wish I had my old stuff for them.
    Lucky find:)

  4. Sara says:

    I have two sets of that fisher price furniture. Not sure where we got two, but my mum bagged it all up for me. The beds with the foam are kinda nasty, as the foam all degraded and crumbled away. I may try removing as much as I can. I also have the little house that goes with it, but it’s not in great shape.

  5. LetterB says:

    I had the playskool computer as kid and wore that thing out! I loved it. (Not a surprise I ended up with a career in IT…)
    Last year after seeing it in a photograph of my girlhood room I went on Ebay and found one. It came in the box with all the cards. That was a happy day. Still debating whether or not I’m going to let the kids play with it. Excellent score!

  6. Clare says:

    Wow… that Little People playpen brought back a flood of memories. Do you ever wonder why your mom never saved all those old toys of yours? I wonder that as I have huge bags of toys ready for Goodwill…

  7. omi says:

    go the fisher price furniture!! Why oh why did they stop making such cool stuff. I am glad mum mum hung onto our fisher price caravan set- priceless. You did well!

  8. Annie says:

    Holy Yammers (I have a 4 yo). I totally forgot that I ever had a Playskool computer. Did it come with the cards? Does the front piece open and have cards that you slide in the top?
    You totally scored!

  9. Jennifer says:

    wow! Great stuff!
    I was in Target yesterday and it looks like Fisher Price is remaking some it’s classic toys and selling them at today’s prices. They totally sucked me in but then I wised up and put it back on the shelf. It was cool to see the retro tv and the chatty telephone again though.

  10. The Homely Animal says:

    I had that very same set of fisher price furniture, even the little horses. What a fun trip down memory lane for me. Love your cute ideas. I am also sending somebody to preschool. I wonder how it will change around the house.

  11. Stephanie says:

    How funny! Like everyone else who’s posted, I had all that Fisher Price stuff… and still do! My mom saved *everything*!
    But I also have a different version of the gorgeous Danish wall-hanging of yours. The one I grew up with is now hanging in my daughter’s nursery & it makes me so happy everytime I see it. I love that she will grow up with it too. Ours is a little different from yours. It’s a blond-haired,rosy-cheeked girl in a red dress with a blue apron feeding grain to a couple of blue hens. The background is a cream color & the border is a reddish-orange. The signature/logo is the same as yours. I wonder who the designer was… Do you know? I’d be very curious to find out.
    Thanks for posting these photos. You brought a spring to my step!

  12. Terry Candee says:

    that computer is a riot! What do the cards do?
    I have the fisher price record player – a wind up. It has 4 double sided records that play by a wire band being “plucked” by the raised prongs on the records. It is adorable and has held up through 2 generations of kids

  13. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I had the crib changing table and rocker. The pictue brings me back to my shoe box full fo these little guys. The Fisher Price people were rubber and you could stick them on your fingers like puppets. Their cute little head were painted and I remember their faces fading with play over time. So nice to see those on your sight.

  14. Scarlettina says:

    Oh my! I remember that Fisher Price set so well. My mum still has it and my daughter plays with it. Ours also has a baby (complete with painted on kiss curl), mummy & high chair. Such sweet memories

  15. gkgirl says:

    i just had such a
    little people flashback
    when i saw that playpen!
    we used to have the “chalet”
    a frame house…
    well…my best friend had it…
    i just coveted it.

  16. Laura says:

    My mother in-law is one who saves EVERYTHING, and early in my marriage I thought that was kind of funny. Now I realize what a gold mine she has and I think it’s terrific! My kids get to enjoy lots of the Fisher Price stuff – a camper with a boat on top, a hospital, a village of connected businesses which include a barbershop, post office, and police station. She has the airplanes, the garage with the elevator that the cars can ride in and then come down the ramp. It’s amazing how she has saved all of the pieces and some of the boxes they came in. Even my nine year old loves to play with everything! Enjoy your finds – and look for more!
    Laura in Naperville

  17. Jennifer says:

    Me too! I can’t believe the wave of nostalgia that hit me when I saw the photo of the Fisher Price furniture. I know I had those pieces as a child but can’t remember if we had a house with them. Boy, so many of the toys today have such a slick look; it’s nice to see some simpler plastic with stickers on it, and great that these held up so well after what must be 25 or more years!

  18. Leslie says:

    What memories these bring back!! I love, love the old fisher price nursery set!! I’m not really a plastic person, but those toys still rock!!! I would love it if my girls were to get some . . .

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