tennis balls and a pair of jeans

Well that did the trick! If only tennis balls and a pair of jeans could solve the rest of my problems. Here’s the new smaller, fuzzier, thicker Phoebe hat.

And here she is graciously modeling it (being held in place by her brother).

This was more like it. A running, hat-grabbing blur.

So now I’m all pleased with myself and then realize oh yeah, it won’t match the green fall coat I just bought her. Now I’ve got new Phoebe hat on the needles. Another winging it project. This time involving bobbles.

18 thoughts on “tennis balls and a pair of jeans

  1. Liz Andrsn says:

    Doesn’t it feel good when a plan finally falls into place? See – it wasn’t you and it wasn’t the wool! The hat looks great no matter what coat you put with it, but justifying the need to do another one means the knitting got to you, and now you’re a knitter.
    You know, you could cheat. Buy a thrift store wool sweater and shrink it good, then cut out hat pieces and sew them together. This works great for quickie mittens, too.
    I’m just saying….

  2. Nancy says:

    oh my gosh but that’s cute. i can’t wait to see the bobbly one too! since (in my limited experience of six months) kids seem adept at throwing hats out of strollers and other things, perhaps a back-up hat (even one that doesn’t quite match her coat) is a good thing to have around!

  3. Grungie says:

    The little hat is so cute–I also had to put ties on a hat that I made for my son. It doesn’t keep him from ripping it off his head but it at least slows him down a little.
    By the way, I just got my latest ME Home Companion in the mail and saw the Pointy Kitties! I hope you’re benefitting from the plug.

  4. Barbara says:

    You know, it seems like a hat would be a good starter project, but in my experience, they’re a lot harder to fit than you might think. After my first few hats, I stuck to scarves for awhile…

  5. Jill says:

    I actually think that the hat would like great with a green coat! But can’t wait to see what new one you come up with as well. I’ve enjoyed checking in on your work from time to time. Love your dolls and the “scenes” you photograph them in. Inspires me in my own art, to give my pieces more character. I’d love for you to visit my blog some time.

  6. Tilly says:

    I’m all for winging it. Just jump in and have a go. The hat looks fab. Did it stay on for long? My Nipper does a runner when you put a hat on him. Once he’s out of sight the hat comes off and it’s anybody’s guess where it’s gone!

  7. Amber says:

    I am so sad to see you have put your political views on your blog. With that link of Obama. I have loved coming to your site for a couple years now. I just feel sad. I don’t share your political views and when I come here I don’t expect to get political views I expect to get craftiness. I wish I had more words to describe how sad that is to me. I know this is your blog and you can put anything you want on here it is just not what I was expecting.

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