hello sun! nice to see you after three days of constant rain, flash floods and a smelly wet basement. you’d think I’d be dying to get out of the house, as this elf below is, but really what I’m dying to do is organize my fabric shelves. thanks to the help of a small object I’m sorted by color and halfway there and am so excited to finish up and then get to work. or just sit and stare at all the pretty organized piles. my plan for today is to weed weed WEED!

*oh and Phoebe is sporting the woodland elf hat from bend the rules sewing

35 thoughts on “sunny

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh that is the sweetest photo ever of your little elf (and there have been quite a few!). Great to see that elf hat in action – I’ve made a few things from BTRS, but not that yet.

  2. Ellen Crimi-Trent says:

    We had the rain and the humidity and now today its sunny but 90 degrees and for MA that is just not normal. I am waiting for the fall weather to come so we can go apple picking!
    Okay back to work, I must finish the forest collection!

  3. Ella says:

    i’ve just moved into a new home and craft room and organizing the fabric shelves was high on the priority list. i could really putter in there admiring my fabrics for hours without making a thing.
    Your little elf is adorable as always.

  4. sarah says:

    excuse me a moment while I just swoon over her little booties — please tell me they make them in adult size — or large child-like adult size?

  5. carol says:

    ugh- I was wondering if you got water in your basement.
    guess what? Ellie left the van door open Friday night and now it smells like broccoli or brussel sprouts or something putrid.
    can’t wait to see your piles!

  6. Erica says:

    The hat is fabulous as is the color scheme of little Phoebe’s ensemble. My question, though, is where in the world did you find those fabulous shoes??? They are wonderful :)

  7. rosey says:

    that is a great photo! she is adorabubble;0) my husband is making me a fabric box to store my growing pile of fabric. once he is finished i will post it on my blog for all of cyber space to see. cant wait to see your tidy space. xx

  8. hillary says:

    thanks guys! what wouldn’t be cute in that hat right?! that one was a gift from amy. I think I may need to make phoebe a whole collection of them to go with her fall outfits. it’s too much! and the shoes are slippers from target. she loves them because they’re fuzzy.
    and just a reminder, all comments are more than welcome but I do delete comments left without valid emails.

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