Quilting Bee and Knitting Club Notecards

I’ve just added the Kit, Chloe and Louise notecards to the shop. I’m so so pleased with how these turned out. The printer did such a great job on these and I love that they’re notecards this time around.

Available while supplies last and then we’re moving on the next design!

22 thoughts on “Quilting Bee and Knitting Club Notecards

  1. Melissa Crowe says:

    So here’s what appeals to me so much about these cards: did you ever have/see that Three Little Kittens board book with the hologram cover? Anyone know the one I mean? I adored that book as a little girl, and the pictures always captivated me so much–they were little dolls in scenes just like these girls. Yay!

  2. annbates says:

    I just got mine.
    LOVE THEM! My knitting and fabric friends will love these, as well as anyone who loves anything nastalgic and cute!

  3. Barbara says:

    Oh, wow, those are SO SO cute. I keep trying to figure out how to justify them since I basically never ever send notecards anymore. Have you ever considered selling larger frameable prints? I would totally buy a print of the knitting club.

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