Kit, Chloe & Louise PDF Put-together Book in the shop

They’re here! Kit, Chloe and Louise are ready to come over and play. The pattern is in the shop. Here’s the skinny… it’s $15 for a downloadable PDF pattern that includes full-size patterns and easy-to-follow instructions to make three 16" dolls and four snappy outfits (undersuit, Chloe’s dress, Kit’s top & jumper and Louise’s top and jumper) plus a pattern for the shoes. Pattern also includes detailed instructions for yarn hair!! 26 pages of patterny goodness in all.

And a big fat thanks to all my wonderful pattern testers!! Everyone had such helpful suggestions and was so nice to work with. I really appreciate it! If you guys want to add your photos I’ve started a Kit, Chloe and Louise flickr group here. Can’t wait to see them all together :)

Oh, and Jess.. this is your Chloe! I’ll pop her in the mail this week.

34 thoughts on “Kit, Chloe & Louise PDF Put-together Book in the shop

  1. stephanie says:

    Just have to say it is purchased downloaded and I can’t wait to make them!! I’m giddy – and thanks for making the price sooooo reasonable. You rock!
    (so excited I had to comment twice)

  2. Amanda says:

    When I saw the patterns were in the shop I couldn’t wait to buy them! I can’t wait to start, maybe even tonight! You are fabulous!!!!

  3. amy says:

    I am SO EXCITED!! I love the immediate gratification of downloading, but I know I will miss the tactileness of having the lovely pattern book you’ve made in the past. Good side: Harder to lose a PDF! (Says the lady who had to reorder spaceboy/robot and bunny patterns because she lost them!)

  4. elliebelle says:

    Gosh that girl is soooo cute! I will definitely have to order the PDF someday here. Love your dolls! I have your first make along that I need to do yet too. :) I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach when it comes to sewing/crafting/knitting…I’m a glutten…haha

  5. Holly says:

    I have been looking for a special “big sister” gift for my three year old for when her baby sister arrives in a few weeks. This will be perfect! Thanks for making it PDF so I can start right away.

  6. Catherine says:

    I bought my PDF pattern. I am so excited to make dolls for friends and family. Thanks for sharing with other crafters your cool pattern. It really made my day when I saw that they were available. You are great. EXCELLENT WORK. CONGRATULATIONS!! This is awesome. PURE GENIUS!!
    I check your blog every day and it cheers me up. I LOVE YOUR DOLLS!!
    Thanks again.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I hope the pattern is still available on the 25th of September. I have to wait that much longer to get the pattern into our monthly budget! I’ve been waiting and hoping you would come out with a sweet doll pattern. Perfect for Christmas presents this year!

  8. Jaana says:

    I truly love your pdf pattern books; paying with Paypal is so easy and within 30 seconds from reading your blog post I had my pattern book loaded! Yay for downloadable pdf patterns! And hooray for your cutiepatootie dolls!

  9. Thalita says:

    Just wanna say that I looove your blog!
    All you crafts are so pretty!
    Wanna buy the dolly’s pattern, but frist I’ll try the freebies ‘caus I’m only a begginer, still learnig how to sew… :)
    kisses from Brazil

  10. joy says:

    I’m so excited! i just bought my pattern. My Sweet Lucy turns two in November and my 5wk old Ramey keeps me busy so i’d better get a head start. Wanna have it done for her birthday! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

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