12 thoughts on “bambini + sesame

  1. Sarah Adamson says:

    yes, where, oh, where do you get these strange and wonderful magazines? i must know! i’ve discovered yesasia.com for japanese (and the rest of asia) books. but i’m more of a magazine girl… okay, i’m a magazine adict. i subscribe to at least ten magazines and buy singles all the time. also, i must have been an expat in a prior life, because i adore everything from anywhere that’s not the u.s. thank you for sharing!
    love, sarah adamson
    mrs at ericadamson dot com

  2. Shannon says:

    ohmygosh. Those two bottom ones. The dress with the buttons and the jumper with those perfect pleats. I’m going to have to figure this out for the Bgirl.

  3. Donna says:

    Oh, the last two dresses! Is that page from Bambini or Sesame?
    The Sesame one is available on Yesasia, the URL is huge and I’m afraid it will mess up your comments page if I post it. Just do a search on Sesame and then click on Books. I think it’s probably time for a new order!

  4. ellen Crimi-Trent says:

    wow its been soo long since I looked at those mags. I used to have to all the time when I designed children’s wear in NYC, now its such a blast from the past!!
    I always loved how beautiful they made the clothes and I would get samples of these and give them to my friends who had kids at that time. I was single then so I had no use for them.
    ahh such lovely memories! Thanks!

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