acorn baby

Last on knitting with Hillary we’d just seen her realize that the hat she felted with blood, sweat and tears (and tennis balls) wasn’t going to match the new Fall coat that is on its way. I had one skein of this beautiful deep purple Sulka yarn that was a total impulse buy (one of those yarns that you can’t not buy after touching) and did a little head measuring and tried again. I thought it would be cute to be all bobbled but I couldn’t figure out how to decrease and keep the pattern so instead it has 4 rows of bobbles and then purl stitch with decreases to a cute little acorn point.  After I adjusted to thinking the hat was turned inside out because of the purl stitch out bit, and ignoring that it’s a little too small, I really like it. Phoebe of course just wants it off her head. Guess it’s time to start a project that can’t be so easily ripped off.
acorn head phoebe

64 thoughts on “acorn baby

  1. wilsonian says:

    I absolutely LOVE the shape!! The bobbles along the bottom are great. Not so crazy about the purl stitches… as you said, it feels a little inside out. But dude I love it.

  2. Pretty Jane says:

    Crazy IN LOVE with that little hat! Maybe a version with ear flaps and a little braided tie ending in pom poms would thwart tiny fingers seeking to remove?? I adore that pixie-in-the-forest-playing-beneath-her-toadstool look on her. Astonishing that she’s so big!!

  3. Eva says:

    I LOVE the acorn hat! I’m in the middle of knitting the “china doll” kimono sweater from in a similar deep purple yarn for my 3-yr old hat-loving daughter and I will absolutely NEED to knit a similar acorn hat to accompany the sweater. Phoebe is lovely!

  4. LeeAnn says:

    I’d wear that hat if it fit me and I’m 27 years old! I am lusting over the color too. I may try and buy a skein (even though I don’t knit) just to have the color as inspiration. Or maybe when I do learn to knit a scarf would be a perfect project.

  5. Nicole says:

    She is SOOOO cute! I love that hat. I am in hat mode as well, but no one else at my house has gotten one yet. I think I may make one like this for my little boy (he’s about Phoebe’s age) minus the bobbles but adding ear flaps and a tie (he hates hats). His brother is asking for an easy ribbed orange hat. I am trying for a pompom top or tassel, but he isn’t going for it.

  6. dottyspots says:

    That’s a lovely hat! (I love the colour too).
    Have you thought about balaclavas – I make them for my own children and it can help with the hat and scarf problem (that and mittens on strings!)

  7. Mary Najmaister says:

    Oh my gosh, that child is so adorable my heart is going to bolt right out of my chest. Her little face is captivating! MaryN

  8. stephanie says:

    i can’t believe you purled the hat – it is really lovely but i really dislike purling. i suppose it could be knit inside out. it reminds me of the meathead pattern with bobbles. the pics are to die for and of course the model is adorable.

  9. roseysmom says:

    the hat is so sweet! i would love to knit the same for my daughter…is the design your own, or could i find it in a book/online? thanks.

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