what the flock is flitter

We’re a tactile family. Oscar’s a smacker and a squeezer. Phoebe’s a hugger and a slobberer. Tim and I are hardly any better. None of us can walk through a store without touching everything. It’s a wonder we’re not sick more often. Phoebe’s favorite books are her ones with fuzzy bunnies you can pet or crusty glittered princess dresses that can be picked at. So when I had a gaggle of girl birthdays this Summer I thought it would be fun to make box purses with furry flocked designs on them. I hunted down Amy’s post on the Enid Collins-esque bag she made and then went to Michaels in search of the same supplies. After googling flocking I found this great online shop, Hobby & Craft Flocking, where you can buy the adhesive paint (just acrylic paint I discovered after ordering), flocking fibers and the supplies you need to flock something. How about that!

Since this was a new experimental craft medium for me so of course I bungled 2 of the beautifully sanded & stained boxes Tim prepped for me. But 2 survived, my niece Maggie’s which I don’t think I even snapped a photo of and Phoebe’s.

I’m not so sure the box bag was the right medium for flocking. I struggled with finding colors that worked against the wood background and also with the scale of the design. But I love the actual flocking. I’m very excited to flock all sorts of projects. I have paint your own matroyska dolls that would be amazing flocked. And I’m dying to try flocked doll hair on a cloth doll! And all the holiday flocking possibilities make my head spin.

The flocking itself went pretty smoothly I thought, especially for a first time flocker like myself. The how-to’s on the site were pretty straightforward. I bought this mini flocker and it worked out really well. But definitely get the masks because it kinda goes everywhere. You wouldn’t want to do it with your kids around or if you had any problems with teeny tiny dusty particles everywhere.

Oh and flitter, flocking fibers and glitter mixed together! I tried that but wasn’t too keen on it against the wood. I’m sure it’d be great for other projects though.

19 thoughts on “what the flock is flitter

  1. Jody says:

    Your blog is so much fun. I could stay here all day, but I really need to do the laundry, clean, bake and all that other stuff. I’m inspired.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. amy h says:

    Oh, I know what flocking and flitter are — thanks to my time working at Hallmark Cards. :) You couldn’t get out of that place without glitter stuck to your face.
    The flocked bunny is killing me! Too cute.

  3. Canas e Cestos says:

    Hi!I like this purse a lot and I bet that its owner loved it too!I like the colours, mainly the blue ones!
    Congratulations on your work and blog, I’ve been reading it for a while and I am sure I will be back.. :)

  4. rosey says:

    the memories that flocking bring back are so treasured!! i buy flocked books whenever i see them i love them, our absolute favourite is ‘warren and the very windy day’
    you are so very creative and inspiring. mmwah rosey

  5. Lizette says:

    First time I hear of this technique. My daughter might like to get into it. I sent you a thank you email for your help and support. It bounced back to me once. My friend and I thank you and we’ll keep you updated.

  6. The Mommy says:

    OMG I just bought flocking stuff. It was cheap enough that I figured I would try it out. It looks like it will go nicely with all my paper crafting! I can’t wait to get it…thank you very much, I’d never heard of this!

  7. Juli says:

    I was JUST thinking about those purses yesterday. My Mom had one in the late 70’s that she’d decoupaged w/ an owl & some mushrooms in avocado green(the same color as our fridge), orange, mustard yellow & brown. I was thinking it was just a matter of time before they’d be back “in”. It was kinda funny to get on here & see that indeed, they are back! Long after they were they were stylish, Mom used her’s to hold craft paint. I’ll bet she still has it! Good memories….

  8. Linda says:

    I have been using there flocking for over a year! This stuff is so much fun and can be used on almost anything.
    I currently use it with scrapbooking and card making as well as the ceramics. It works great for adding texture to the ceramic clothes. I also put the flocking on the bottom to keep from scratching tables.
    I havn’t tried inside of boxes but it looks like it work wonderful there too!

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