soccer and sci fi

That’s all we’ve been up to this week. Be back after the weekend with something crafty-ish :)

9 thoughts on “soccer and sci fi

  1. Rane says:

    I found a really cute fabric that
    has paper dolls on it!!! when I
    seen it it reminded me of you.If you
    are interested in it I would love
    to send it to you for your daughter,
    or even for you!! LOL~! Just let me
    know. Take care have a great weekend.

  2. rosey says:

    oh what it must be like to have bous! my girls havent got one piece of lego but i guess i havent bought them any either. must have to dig up my husbands old stuff, think he might even have some original mutant ninja turtles. xx rosey

  3. Squirrel Momma says:

    Oh boy, Invasion of the Legos–seems like little guys can never have enough. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when they invent a vacuum cleaner with a “Lego strainer” attachment!

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